Overcome Sexual Dreams

Overcome Sexual Dreams

‘Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.’ – Proverbs 4 vs 23

The Lord led me to write this piece because He was determined to set many of His children free from Dream traps. Whatever sexual experience you experience in your dreams, whether fornication in the dream, adultery in the dream, or the spilling of sperm on your pants at night, or whatever it may be, the application of this word I share right now will make you free. Give Rapt attention as you read. God Bless You.  

Our opening scripture exhorts us to keep, to mount guard over our hearts will all diligence. Question, why? Why was the word so stressed that he said ‘with all diligence’? What is it about our heart that makes God express this idea with such an emphasis? – Selah

Brothers and Sisters, I was with the Lord in Prayer, and the Spirit of the Lord began to teach me with prophetic (pictorial) insights, I saw how that, the things that find their way into our hearts (mind), finds their way into our life. What does it mean to keep your heart or guard your heart? It means, to carefully and scripturally select the things (thoughts) that get’s into it.

Now, there are persons, and sadly some Christians, who Satan has taking advantage of their thoughts, to oppress them in their dreams. Some have sex encounters in their dreams, and so on and so forth. And all these oppression are as a result of the thoughts we allowed into our hearts. Let’s see;

‘Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh…’ – Jude 1 vs 8 {KJV}

You see? Here we see a clear picture how that filthy dreams can defile the physical flesh (body), which is as sinful as fornication. Waow!   Now I told you that filthy dreaming is as a result of the filthy thoughts which we conceived in our hearts during the day, which pictographically manifests at sleep through dreams. I will prove that shortly. Now you have to understand that God give dreams, and the thoughts stored up in our hearts (mind memory) also produces dreams for us aswell.  

‘For a dream cometh through the multitude of business…’ – Ecclesiastes 5 vs 3 {KJV}

You see, he says a dream comes through the multitude of business. The word ‘multitude’ in this scripture is so important to this teaching, because the thoughts of our hearts don’t manifest until they are fully nurtured. Yahushua said, ‘out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks’. {Matthew 12 vs 34}. You see?   Multitude of business here speaks of the working of the mind. When the mind is filled with diverse thoughts in the day, it manifests in our dreams at night. When all a man do is thinking about been rich, he spends all his time browsing the profile of rich and influencial men, it’s no surprise if he starts dreaming of seeing himself in big mansions and estates. Why? The abundance, the multitude of his thoughts have pictorially formed into his dreams. – Selah

Now child of God, why do you pray to God for special helps against the devil and enemies attacking you with sexual actions in your dreams, when all you do all day long is to snapshot the breasts and the heaps and the buttocks of all manner of ladies in your mind, and Zoom them later for a Review? Ehn? I’m asking you, answer me! Why do you think that’s not the cause of your incessant sexual dreams? – Selah. That’s it, and stop the stupid prayers. What you should do now to be free from that self-designed trap, is to discipline yourself to refuse every of those thoughts, and make that a consistent discipline in your life, then I tell you, you’d be fine. – Think about it. As I speak to guys, I speak to Ladies. You lady, when all you do is to examine the sizes of men’s Penis from their trousers, and to observe the packs on his chest, and now men are sleeping with you in your dreams, and you are crying, looking for a man of God to lay his hands on you. Yes, keep looking for men of God till the day you will find me, then I will lay my knock on your head. You see? From this we realize that these folks were the very Architets of their problems, because they failed to guard their precious God giving heart with diligence against those dirty, filthy thoughts. – Selah.

We must understand that the solutions to most of the problems we face as Christians, are actually not Prayers, neither Fastings, neither Seed sowing, nor bringing God long praises, but they are simply the acknowledging of the WORD of GOD concerning that circumstance, concerning that issue. Simple. Just like A B C. – Think about it.

As far as we are in this world, it is normal for diverse thoughts to come into our minds, but it is abnormal for children of God to accept the thoughts that goes against the Godly Nature. Select the thoughts you grant access into your heart. – Selah

Create Your Thoughts, Create Your Dreams! Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Dreams!

God Bless You.
– Pastor Jenning Uweye


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