Do you want to win the battle against habitual sins of the flesh? Ok, be encouraged there is a way out of sin! The starting place is to acknowledge the sin and humbling yourself. He gives his grace to the humble, and he forgives the sins of those who confess them.

1.) Understand His grace is sufficient for you and his power is made perfect in your weakness. His grace and power are here to deliver you and empower not to sin. Through the Cross Yahushua has made the way for you to be free from sins dominion, its yours by his grace. Now ask, believe and receive His grace and power into your life everyday.

2.) Set yourself a true and consistent devotional life and pray first thing everyday (for 30-60mins) with prayer and worship, and then later at night also. And determine to read/listen to 5-10 chapters of the Bible a day. Obey what you read. Set your eyes on Yahushua and follow Him in faith & holiness.

3.) Fast. Go on a 3 day fast with just water (or consuming just a small amount of juice or yogurt to keep the hard pains away). In this time you will be denying your flesh and cravings and be strengthened in the spirit. You will be surprised at the results. Do this every 2 weeks for a season of maybe 2 months. and in that 2 weeks also practice fasting 1 meal a day a few times.

4.) Permanent fast of all immoral and worldly influences – TV, magazines, movies, bad websites, computer games etc to starve the lusts and worldliness. Repent of them, renounce them once and for all, and be free of their defilement. Read the word of God lots to renew your mind and interests.

5.) Rebuke every demon spirit related to your sins. Renounce it, Rebuke it and cast it out of you, breathe out strong as you cast it out. Give no place to the devil. There is authority in the name of Yahushua to cast them out, use it.

Never give up, persist and yield to God. If you fall don’t run from God, run to Him. Yahushua came to set the captives free, and he who the son sets free will be free indeed – be sure of that!



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