Pray them well

#Say this with me..

1. I soak my blood, bones and flesh in the blood of Yahushua.

2. Holy Ghost fire burn all disease deposits in my body to ashes, in the name of Yahushua.

3. I silence the voice of sickness speaking against my life, in the name of Yahushua.

4. Blood of Yahushua, immunize me from every infirmity, in Yahushua’ name.

5. Anything I have eaten or swallowed, presently working against my health, be dissolved by the Blood of Yahushua.

6. Any organ in my body performing below expectation, receive the resurrection power of the Lord Yahushua Mashiach/Christ, in Yahushua’ name.

7. By the mercy of God, I shall not die but live to declare the works of God, in Yahushua’ name.

8. Thou power of the wasters, my body is not your victim, clear away, in Yahushua’ name.

9.Any ladder or pipe supplying evil current into my body, break away, in Yahushua’ name.

10. I receive divine tonic and vitamins, by the power in the blood of Yahushua.

11. Any programme of the spirit of death for my body, be extinguished, in Yahushua’ name.

12. Power drinking the blood of my wholeness, die, in Yahushua’ name.

13. Every manifestation of evil in my life, and in my family line, die, in Yahushua’ name.

14. Let Your power, O Lord keep me and my family from every form of evil, in Yahushua’ name.

15. I shall not be visited with any evil in the mighty name of Yahushua.

16. Any human agent framing evil against me and my family, be incapacitated, in Yahushua’ name.

17. I receive total victory over all things that are against me and my family, in the name of Yahushua.

18. O Lord, let there be an end to any unpleasant or ugly situation in my life and family, in the name of Yahushua.

19. Everything ordained by the agents of darkness to bring me from grace to grass, be destroyed in Yahushua’ name.

20. O Lord, let not me or any member of my family, do anything that will attract evil to us, in Yahushua’ name.

21. O Lord, let me and my family be delivered from any form of untimely death, in the name of Yahushua.

22. I shall not give birth to trouble in life, in the name of Yahushua.

23. Every curse associated with my name, break by the power in the blood of Yahushua.

24. Wherever my name is being mentioned for evil purposes, thunder fire of God, answer them, in Yahushua’ name.

25. Any evil imagination against my personality through names, catch fire and die, in Yahushua’ name.

26. Any witchcraft coven assigned to my name, catch fire, in Yahushua’ name.

27. Any evil tongue rising up against me in judgement by using my name, be destroyed, in the name of Yahushua.

28. Fire of Holy Ghost incubate my body and make me too hot for the enemy to handle, in Yahushua’ name

29. Any power assigned to be troubling my dreams, die, in the name of Yahushua.

30. Weapon of warfare assigned to me from evil men, back fire, in Yahushua’ name.

31. Pray for FOC ministry

32. Pray other prayer points as led now

33. Thank you Yahushua for answered prayers

—-You can sow a seed of faith and blessings into FOC ministry. God bless you.


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