1. Pre-marital sex kills faster than cancer .
2. Abortion does not make you unpregnant but a mother of a dead child.
3. The amount of girls you have sex with, does not increase your ‘level’ but show the level of your
4. If you have had sex with up to five boys or girls, how then can you still refer to your sexual organ
as ‘private part’? It’s now a tourism centre under the ministry of public administration.
5. Those that indulge in fornication lose creativity in life, lose focus on their careers, lose power to pursue personal goals and dreams, lose God, lose
themselves and lose money.
6. Marriage is not for boys and girls but for men and women. Until you become mature, don’t
bother to marry, because you will fail.
7. Sexual immorality is not just a sin, but a capital sin before God.
8. Masturbation means you are not in charge of your life, some one else is.
9. Homosexuality is tampering with the purpose of God for mankind i.e. Procreation, thereby kindling the temper of God on one.
10. The ability to control one’s vessel (sexual organ) is wisdom and maturity while the inability is

Please abstain from sexual immorality, be wise. May the Lord give us a sound mind and clean spirit to resist Sins in Yahushua’ Name, AMEN.


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