About Marriage..

•Marriage is not an idea of people but of God.

•The maturity of the man (Adam) was not the reason for marriage.

•When you want to know your purpose in life, you get it from your creator.

•Success is permanently secured by marriage.

•Adam was created and he had not been blessed until he had Eve (Gen 1v28).

•The permanent blessing comes when you are married.

•Gen 24v1 (Abraham was blessed but not secure in who was to marry his son).

•Some were made poor as a result of marriages.

•Marriage can affect your pocket.

•Gen 28v1 (the most dangerous thing that can affect a blessing on you is a WRONG MARRIAGE.

•Many men fell because they couldn’t control their waists and eyes.

•What would happen if men had a battery and would go around giving and lending it to others, do you think that when they get home, that battery will still have power?????

•The problem is even if the battery is flat, it is still called a battery.

•Every man when you sleep around, you deposit your power/spirit into a woman.

•Do not touch your fountain before it is blessed. Where is your dignity in removing someone’s vigitnity??????

•Most people who are struggling in this life, it’s as a result of their sexuality.

•Yahushua to illustrate His coming back, He used marriage as an example which means marriage is the key thing for life.

•The only time Peter entered the bedroom of Dorcas was when she was dead.

•There is no dignity in breaking girl’s virginity.

•The Bible said if you break someone’s virginity, you should pay to the man who will marry that girl.

•There are 2 types of women i.e. woman you meet and you go up and a woman when you meet you go down (STRANGE WOMAN according to Proverbs.)

•What made demons to form spiritual marriage is because marriage makes you a force.

•In the fear of losing his power and influence, the devil never attempted marriage.

•Getting in marriage without being blessed is walking in a dark world.

•Mary was engaged and still kept her virginity.

•What do you value: your FEELINGS or your DESTINY, SWEET words or your PURPOSE???????

•What you value will value you.

•A kiss and touching each other are a confirmation of soul ties.

•Pornography and masturbation are more spiritual than physical sex.

•People lack identity crisis.

•Your behavior today is a sign that you don’t know your future.

•You are reckless with your life today coz you have no picture of your tomorrow.

•No one will cheapen you unless you cheapen yourself.

1.Check if he loves God
2.Check if he functions according to God
3.Check if he does something (a good man should work and not be idle i.e. Eve got Adam when he was already working in the garden)


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