The Difference Between Friends, Admirers and Fans

John 12:13 “ They took palm branches and went out to meet Him, shouting, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the King of Israel!”

Yahushua’ friends served Him, worshiped Him and testified of Him. This is what we do when we know who Yahushua is, what He has done for us and who we are after we had met Him. I’m not me anymore. I belong to Christ with all my skills and abilities.

But the admirers behaved differently. One week they sang about as in our verse above and just a week later, they shouted, “Crucify Him, crucify Him.” Suddenly the crowd who praised Him no longer existed. Yahushua’ admirers praised Him as long as their own egos were stroked, their needs met or while they were convinced that He could be of value to them immediately.

Fans are worth nothing. They disappear like dew with the morning sun. Christianity has many followers as long as it is popular and enhances social status and supplies some with friends. But these followers are worth nothing. When your church starts preaching that Yahushua is not God and that He need not have to prove that He is the Christ/Mashiach who would come and provide the ONLY way to reconciliation with God, the masses believe this and thereby prove that they never really knew Yahushua.

Sooner or later we will have to choose. Will we be a popular follower who can change like the wind OR an intimate acquaintance and friend of Yahushua who will stand by Him through thick and thin (our identities existing only in Him). The Pharisees decided that they should kill Lazarus because his testimony to the new life found in Christ was so strong (John 12:10,11). Are you a friend an admirer or just a fan?


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