“Some people get miracles of healing. Why not me?” Have you ever asked yourself (or God) this question?

I am referring to people who believe God for healing, have even prayed or received prayer for it, but still have not received what they hope for.

Roger has spent years studying every detail of the healing miracles of Yahushua. Under his ministry, he says that 200-300 people a month find healing from cancer, paralysis, blindness and just about every other disease that can be named. He is a good person to ask about healing and miracles. According to Roger, here’s why believers may not be receiving healing.


“Mature believers often have a harder time receiving a miracle than new believers because they may have been taught things that aren’t scripturally correct. For example, they may have been wrongly taught that God does not heal today, that He wants us to be sick to teach us something, or that we have to wait for some special timing. Study of the Gospels shows these things just are not true.”

“What is true is that Yahushua paid every single penalty for our sin when He died on the cross. He took our sicknesses so that we don’t have to. That is one of the reasons the Gospels are called the Good News.”

“If you are a believer in Yahushua, healing is your inheritance. Healing flows because of what Yahushua has done and who He is. You do not have to deserve it. You do not have to be a saint to have a miracle. Go straight to the Gospels and learn from His Word. Study the Gospels until you are convinced that it is God’s will for you to be healed.”

“The Good News is for everyone. When Yahushua healed the multitudes, He healed everyone who was present, and that included people just like us. He never turned anyone away who wanted healing.”


“Doubt is the main thing that prevents healing from flowing. We may doubt whether the scriptures actually teach healing, or we may wonder if it is true for us personally. Once a person gets scriptural teaching and understands his or her inheritance, the scriptural doubt is resolved and it is a matter of getting rid of the personal doubt.”

“Anyone, even strong believers, can have personal doubt. I knew a healing minister who saw miracles when he prayed for others, but when he got cancer, he could not receive healing for himself. As we talked, he realized that he really felt unworthy of being healed. Once that he dealt with that, healing began to flow, and his cancer disappeared.”

“When I minister to people who can’t seem to receive, I usually ask ‘Why do you think you are not being healed?’ The most common answers people give are that they feel unworthy, that their faith is not strong enough, or that God wants to teach them something. It is easy to see how beliefs like these could prevent healing from flowing.”

“When we get rid of our personal doubt, we get our eyes off ourselves and on to Yahushua. He is the healer. Healing happens because of who He is, not who we are. As we look to Him, healing begins to flow. I have seen this happen thousands of times.”

In James 5:16 we read, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed” (KJV).


According to Dr. Roger Sapp, our best hope to get our own healing miracle is to search ourselves deeply to answer two questions:

(1) Am I convinced from my study of the scriptures that healing is a spiritual reality?

(2) If I am convinced it is a spiritual reality, why do I think it is not manifesting in my life?

When we uncover hidden doubts, we can get rid of the barriers that separate us from the life-giving presence of Yahushua, and we will be able to say, “I’ve got it! I’ve got my miracle!”

Dr. Linda Josef


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