Masturbation is the act where someone strokes or massages his/her genitals till he or she hits orgasm. Many people masturbate because of the fear of contacting STDs via sexual intercourse and some as a subtle way of avoiding a sex partner. I’ve seen several comments of some of my new readers saying it’s no sin but they are grossly wrong because masturbation is a means to the same end for which we have sexual intercourse; Orgasm.
The major cause of masturbation is an unregenerate heart. When a man has not given his heart to Christ, his heart will be a garden where any and every kind of evil indulgences will develop into habits.

Other causes of masturbation are:

PHONE SEX: When we try to enjoy sexual pleasures with people far away from us via phone calls we masturbate.

OVERWHELMING SEXUAL HUNGER: it’s not wrong for someone to occasionally desire to have sex but when such sexual pleasure can’t be controlled then it leads to masturbation. When we nurse our sexual hunger we increase such urge and frequency at which it repeats.

EARLY EXPOSURE TO SEX: When we get violated very early we tend to masturbate as we grow and involve ourselves in several other immoral acts.

ROMANCE: When we allow people touch us in some of our sexually sensitive parts, when we are alone we tend to masturbate. Don’t let people touch you anyhow.
What we read: some are fond of reading sex magazines and viewing nude pictures.

WATCHING SEX SCENES: Our movie industry provides a lot of that because people only buy movies that promise to show a lot of sex scenes.

LOOKING WITH LUST: When we look at the opposite sex with lust, stripping him/her naked in our heart we masturbate.
Masturbation easily becomes habit that destroys ones genital and sexual orientations; it also destroys marriage bounds. When we die as a masturbator we will go to hell fire. When we continually masturbate, we increase the urge to masturbate. The less we indulge in it the less its urge comes on us infact its better never started.

If you are under the bondage of masturbation, you need to give your heart to Yahushua and let Him destroy the yoke in your life.

God bless you.
Pastor Promise Ikpe
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