“Finally then, brethren, we urge and exhort in the Lord Yahushua that you should abound more and more, just as you received from us how you ought to walk and to please God.” 1 Thessalonians 4:1

New life in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ is not about going to church or changing your church, It’s not about being serious or being committed in church or being involved in the church as a worker, deacon or minister. New life in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ is far from getting involved in fasting and prayer meetings, attending every church programs and special conferences and programs. It’s more than being faithful in tithes and offerings, sowing to pastors’ lives or donating generously to church or ministries. The new life in Yahushua goes beyond taking Holy Communion, speaking in tongues, doing miracles or preaching about Yahushua. It’s not about singing praises and worship. It’s not about what you claim to be or what your people call you.
New life in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ is all about how you walk with Him and how you please Him.


Genesis 17:1- Walking before God and be perfect. That is the number one evidence of your new life in Yahushua, if truly you have it. This walk is not walking to church or taking different styles of physical walk, it’s not how you walk to give offering in the church. The walk here is about our lifestyles and attitudes. Before you come to Yahushua, you walk in sinful lifestyle and ungodly attitude. Ephesians 2:2, “in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience” But when you come to Yahushua and you genuinely surrender your life to Yahushua, you don’t continue to live and behave the ways and manners you were used to. Your lifestyle must change that will be obvious to people. Your attitude, your action and re-action, your manner of responding to people and situation, your way of talking, your way of dressing, your priority, your focus, your motivating factors in life, and your mindset.

Your salvation in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ must also affect your relationship with people, those relationships you need to end and those you must continue and how you must relate with people. Genuine salvation in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ will affect your business and work, as a genuine child of God, what business or work you must do and how you must do them. When you have a reserved area in your life which is no-go-area to Yahushua Mashiach/Christ , maybe how you do your business or work, how you dress, or one aspect of your character, then it means you have not totally surrendered all to Yahushua, and that implies that you are not yet saved, people here may say you are saved but to Heaven, you are “almost saved”. Yahushua didn’t come to save us 99% and give sin or Satan a single place. Yahushua came to save, set us free and free indeed, not in parts.


When you give your life to Yahushua, He takes away your old, rotten life and gives you a brand new life, that is the reason it’s called new life in Yahushua. Everyone who genuinely repents and accepts Yahushua Mashiach/Christ into his or her life has this new life from Yahushua Mashiach/Christ . When you are in Christ, you have new life and you start new lifestyle, not old lifestyle because new life produces new lifestyle.

Since it is new life, you can’t continue your old lifestyle in the new life, that would be incompatible and a double standard. Let’s see what Yahushua Mashiach/Christ says in Matthew 9:17, “Nor do they put new wine into old wine-skins, or else the wine-skins break, the wine is spilled, and the wine-skins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wine-skins, and both are preserved.”

What does that means? It means new life is new lifestyle; new walk or you are a double standard person with double lost. You must start a new life in Yahushua if truly you have gotten a new life. 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Some people claim to have a new life in Christ and they continue in some parts of their old lives. Yahushua said with new wine in old wine-skins, there will be double loss – the wine will spill and the wine-skins will be ruined. So also if you are living old lifestyle in new life, you will not fully and freely enjoy the old life and you will not enter heavenly kingdom, because Heaven does not recognize a 99% percent saved Christian. Double lost – no enjoyment on earth and no entrance to heaven.

Your lifestyle is an evidence of your new life in Christ or old life under the bondage of Satan. When you genuinely give your life to Yahushua Mashiach/Christ , you work out your salvation by conscious striving to walk in new life, guided by the Word of God and empowered by the Grace of God. Ephesians 5:21-23. If truly you have been called into Salvation, you must walk worthy of that calling. How? You walk in the Spirit by the Word of God. Before, you were walking in the flesh and doing the will and work of the flesh, but after you surrender your life to Yahushua Mashiach/Christ , you walk in the Spirit and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. Read Galatians 5:16-24.

The way you talk will change, your dress and styles will change, the places you go will be cross checked by God’s Word, the work and business you are doing will be cross checked and guided by the Word of God. Henceforth, the Spirit of God guides every area of your life through the Word of God. It means as you read Bible and hears genuine Word of God; the Holy Spirit corrects and instructs you in the new life. Galatians 5:25.

Your lifestyle is a proof if you are truly a child of, or if you are still a child of God or not. Your lifestyle is your walk of life and it’s also your fruit of life. The Bible says, “By their fruit you shall know them.” Matthew 7:17. How you walk, that is, how you live your life, shows how related you are to Yahushua. It not how long you have been in Christ, it is not how much you know about God or Bible, it is not how long you can pray or how you can speak in tongues, it is not even how you lived yesterday but how you are living now, your lifestyle now. It is not by talking or claiming by faith that you are a child of God. It is not by claiming the righteousness of Yahushua and continuing in sin. This is not by talking the talk, not claiming the claim as many modern Christians and Pastors are doing now; it is about walking the walk.

Walking in the Spirit is not something that happen automatic when you give your life to Yahushua. It is not something that you or people around you are not aware about, it is not something that God will do for you. You are the one who will walk the walk but by the help of Holy Spirit through reading daily Bible and prayer. When we want to walk in the Spirit, flesh, our body will want to oppose and rule over the Spirit of God in us, but we must consciously and continuously keep our body under the Spirit not over the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 9:27. This doesn’t happen by claiming by faith; it’s working it out by faith, not by fear, with the help of Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit is not by ease or convenience, but by force, by striving, by discipline your body, by daily reading of Bible and prayer for God’s grace and strength. Daily quiet time with God which involves praises, prayer, Bible reading and prayer, that is the only source of strength and only secret of survival in the walking of new life in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ , without that you will walk away.


The other evidence of new life in Christ is who is your priority of pleasing? Before we gave our lives to Yahushua, we were used to pleasing ourselves and people. Anything that was pleasant or pleasurable to us we did. We would not care if it displeased God, but as long it was pleasant to us, that were our pleasure. Then, if you feel like drinking, you drink, no offense. If you feel like getting mad at somebody and insulting somebody you do just that. If you feel like smoking you smoke. If you have huge for premarital sex or extra-marital sex, you go for it, because it pleases you. If you have reason for telling lies, you lie. Whatever you feel like doing for your pleasure or profit that you do.

It may also be to please people. In old life, if people ask you to lie, you will not want to offend them so you lie. If they ask you to do something sinful for them, you will not want to displease them, so you will do it even if it displeases God, you don’t give a dam. If your partner in courtship asks you for per-marital sex, you will not want to offend him or her, you do it. If a friend, family or your boss at work or lecturer at school ask you to do something ungodly, because you don’t want to offend them and loose their favor, you try to please them even if it displeases your Maker. You do your best to please yourself and people. That is old lifestyle.

But when you genuinely surrender your life to Yahushua Mashiach/Christ and have a new life in Him, you no longer seek to please yourself or please people, you seek to please God first, anything that will please God and displease people you do, anything that will please people and displease God you don’t do. That means you please God and you love people only in what pleases God, outside of that you are out. You cannot walk in the flesh and please God at the same time; you will just be trying and struggling for nothing. Romans 8:8.

Pleasing God is living your life to please God, avoiding anything that will displease God even if it pleases you or people. Pleasing God is living according to God’s words and obeying His Word. 1 John 3:22.


How can we please God? We can only please God through faith. Faith in Yahushua Mashiach/Christ , faith in the Word of God, faith that God is present, watching you every moment and will reward you for pleasing Him even if you loose many things by pleasing God, even if no man accepts or rewards you. That was what helped Enoch and everyone who had ever pleased God. Hebrews 11: 5, 6. Faith is seeing beyond the physical, beyond the present pleasure and profit, beyond the present rewards and present world. When people around you are doing something to please themselves or their people for their pleasure and profit, when they see no reason not to do it, but you by faith see God and you will not want to displease Him. When everybody, even the so-called Christian, is doing it sinful in your place of work, in your family, in your school, or in the place you find yourself and they say it doesn’t matter, even in your church, when you see no one to offend if you do it, you ask yourself, “How will I do this and sin against God?” because by faith you see what others cant see, who others can’t see: GOD. They may say, “No one will see us, no one will be offended if we do it to ourselves, by ourselves for ourselves” but you see God by faith.

It takes faith to please God in this sinful and worldly life. When you believe the Word of God, it s your faith in God that will make you to please Him, it is faith that holds you till the end, and the same faith in God is what will give you access to see Him, enter His rest and be rewarded for your faith at the end of your life on earth.
Pleasing God is a clear evidence of your new life in Christ. If you are still pleasing yourself or people, then you need to rededicate your life to Yahushua Mashiach/Christ and surrender all and start this precious new life in Him.

Walking with God and pleasing Him is not something that is humanly easy, it takes your readiness, surrender and commitment with God’s grace. Old life will always try to revert back, old friends and our body will always try to get over the Spirit of God in us, but we keep the body under the Spirit, subdue it by God’s grace and strength. At the beginning, it may be very hard and Satan may suggest to you that you can’t survive the new lifestyle in Christ, but that is a big lie. Many people like you have survived it and they are now in heaven, and you are not different. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If God could help Enoch to walk with Him and please Him for 300 good years, He will also help us, it’s a step at a time. As we surrender all to Him and keep our daily Bible reading and prayer, His grace will sustain us to survive till the end. Decide not to go back to Yahushua sinful life; decide to follow Jesus forever, no turning back, no turning back!

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.
– Galatians 2:20


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