Bible Study: Learn the Truth of God with us

Improving your Bible Study is an important goal for 2015. If we desire to grow in our knowledge of God, we should challenge ourselves to grow in our study of God’s Word.

There are a number of ways that we can improve our Bible Study time. We have listed 5 below:

1. Develop a Bible Study Schedule – Most of us struggle to find time to take on new tasks each day. Unless we block out a regular time to read the bible, we may find that our Bible Study time getting “crammed”. Be intentional about dedicating time to study God’s Word.

2. Be consistent – Face it, we are creatures of habit. If we really want our Bible Study to improve we need to be consistent. We develop the habit of studying the bible by making Bible Study a part of our everyday life. When you block out time to study the bible make sure you stick to it every day.

3. Follow A Bible Study Plan – A Bible Study plan is a tool to help you reach Bible Study goals. Do you want to read the entire Bible in a year? Do you want to study all of Paul’s epistles? A bible study plan can help you accomplish both goals. The point is be intentional with your study time. Don’t haphazardly pick up the bible to study. If you want to improve your Bible Study this year, pick a Bible Study and follow it!

4. Develop a list of topics that you would like to Study – Topical study is not for everyone but for Bible Study students who are looking for new studies a topical Bible Study may be the answer. Topical studies deal with individual subjects and provide scripture references related to key subjects. For example, you might begin a study about the love of God, or marriage. These are both great subjects for topical Bible Study.

5. Try reading from a new or different translation – This can be a touchy subject for some, but if you are looking for ways to improve your Bible Study, reading from a new or different translation for a period of time may help. Try reading another translation alongside your regular translation. This can help improve your grasp of the scripture and take your study to a deeper level.

Do you have a Bible Study experience you would like to SHARE? Be sure to comment on the post to share your Bible Study tips.

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