-Understand your limitations

-Recognize your own faults

-Count your blessings

-Appreciate the talents and qualities of others

-Stop comparing (arrogance is rooted in insecurity about yourself. Think about the abilities you have, and be thankful for them. Being humble doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about yourself)

-Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

-Don’t be afraid to defer to (or agree with) others judgment

-Rejuvenate your sense of wonder (be like a child and appreciate things)

-Seek guidance. (Contemplate moral texts and proverbs about humility. Pray for it, meditate on it, do whatever it takes to get your attention off yourself)

-Remain teachable (Find people you aspire to be like in certain areas, and ask them to mentor you)

-Help others (Treat other people as equals and help them. It’s been said that when you can help others who cannot possibly help you in return, you have learned humility.)

-Practice gentleness (Absorb the venom from other’s attacks and react with gentleness and respect)

-Be friendly (It is fine to talk about yourself a little, but make a conscious effort to ask people about themselves too)



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