Each Beatitude Yahushua Taught Tells Us How We Can Be Truly “Blessed”

The word “Blessed” in the beatitudes which Yahushua taught during His sermon on the mount, recorded by Matthew, in chapter five, verses 3-11, means so much more than merely being “happy” which always requires a continual “happening”.

Those Truly “Blessed” Know Yahushua, And Their Final Destination

Being truly “Blessed”, as Yahushua taught it in the beatitudes, actually implies the enviable blissful position and state of the spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions), of all those who know Yahushua as their Savior and Lord. And, because they know Yahushua, they also know and can trust, that at the end of their earthly life’s journey, they will immediately be transported directly into the kingdom and personal presence of God, the heavenly Father, where they will forever be with Him (1 Thessalonians, 4:13-18).

To Be Truly “Blessed” God’s Children Follow Yahushua Regardless The Cost

To be truly “Blessed” does not mean we are promised laughter, earthly pleasure and treasure or a life absent conflict, hardship and pain. To be truly “Blessed” means we will experience real hope, inward joy and our Lord’s everlasting presence and peace, completely independent of our outward circumstances. To be truly “Blessed” is to truly discover totally committing our lives over to Yahushua and following Him wherever He leads, regardless the cost to us personally.

How To Remain Focused Upon Our Lord Yahushua

Sometimes, the only way we can remain focused upon our Lord Yahushua, is to stop focusing upon our selves and what we want and the on going demands of this life and of those all around us.

Sometimes Real Conflict Must Proceed Real Surrender

And, sometimes it will actually require a real conflict in our lives before we are ready to surrender and stay surrendered to Yahushua. Until our spirit, mind and body are narrowly focused upon Him and what He wants of us, we cannot be totally “Blessed” by our heavenly Father.

Are You Ready To Be Totally “Blessed” of God? Are You Narrowly Focused Upon Yahushua And Surrendered To Him And Nothing, Or No One Else Except Him?

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