Sex is about becoming one in body,but also one in soul.Sex is more than skin to skin.It’s heart joining heart.It’s an emotional and spiritual glue designed by God to bind a man and a woman together for life.When we have sex with someone,we give a part of ourselves to them and take a part of themselves into ourselves.That’s why when we sleep with someone it’s as if we’re sleeping with everyone else they’ve slept with too.

Just think about this,If we lived God’s way,saving sex for marriage,would there be be an AIDS epidemic with it’s early,painful death,grieving loved ones,and millions of orphans?Would there be unwanted pregnancies,abortions and the guilt of abortion,not to mention the loss of thousands of unborn babies’ lives?
Would there be the heartbreak that comes when two people break-up after having had a sexual r/ship?Would quick thrills result in years of pain?Would secrets suck the joy out of life?Would there be the feelings of being used and the loss of innocence?Would marriages and homes be torn apart by adultery?Would life be so complicated?Would there be the shattering of dreams?Sadly,sex is used like silk cleaning the floor.A beautiful gift is being destroyed.Instead of being a blessing it becomes a curse.God help us!

Sex is like a river.A river can bring life to a place,but in flood-it destroys.It needs strong river banks if it’s to bring life,instead of death.The two riverbanks make a sexual r/ship safe are REAL FRIENDSHIP AND REAL COMMITMENT.
Without these,passion and romance are just not enough.When you have sex with someone with passion and romance only without real friendship and commitment,sex is likely to flood you with pain,shame and regret.


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