Lord, teach us how to pray. Luke 11:1

The whole village came over when he called out “everyone, come watch God heal this girl”; after a large crowd had gathered around, he prayed and… nothing happened. That moment was over 20 years ago and that was the last time, my friend told me, he felt comfortable praying for a sick person.

This unfortunately, in one way or another, is the experience of many Christians; they would like to see the sick healed but when ‘they tried it –it didn’t work’. Today, I want to share with you what I have learned from mentorship, research and practice on subject of PRAYING FOR THE SICK and lay out a method to you so tomorrow “YOU will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”.

I was in Central Nigeria at a huge Crusade when my ‘it didn’t work’ moment came.

I came fully expecting to see miracles and dramatic healings. To the left of the stage was an area especially reserved for the seriously afflicted. That area I recall was like ‘the devils workshop’ – whatever could be done to deform and infect a human body was represented. I studied them. On the last night of the Crusade I was fully expecting at least one to jump up shouting they were healed. And then the Crusade was over; I had seen none of them healed. Standing on the platform very much confused I shared my disappointment and shaken confidence with a stage hand. He had been working crusades for over 20 years, he told me “I used to have that problem also until I learned the meaning of Yahushua’s words in this verse.. “Blessed is the one who is not offended by me” (Matthew 11:6). I went home processing this verse until I got over ME and came to the place where I could say “Lord you are Lord and you can do and not do whatever you want and I will not become offended”.  The story does not end there. Six months later I ran into that same stage hand who asked me if ‘I had heard what had happened the last night of the Crusade?’ I said I didn’t  know what he was talking about. To this he said ‘as the Men of God (the preachers) motorcade drove by the sick walking out of the Crusade they all were healed’.

It’s not about us.

To pray for the sick effectively we have to get over ourselves and be willing to pray –regardless if we see the results or not. We have to allow our flesh to die when we pray; it’s not about us, nor our reputation or image. It’s about seeing the need and knowing THE ONE who can meet their need.


Jehovah-Rapha-The Lord That Heals

The first step in praying for the sick is to grasp it is never God’s will that someone is sick nor does God make anyone sick. Sickness is of the Devil and comes from the curse. Yahushua reversed the curses on the Cross and came to “destroy the works of the Devil”. The Gospels say Yahushua went around healing ALL THE SICK. Let’s put the blame where it belongs before involve ourselves.

The fullness of His presence

My father used to say he never had to get ready, he was always ready. The only way to be always ready to pray for the sick is to be in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Before we pray, we should take a moment and thank the Holy Spirit for His indwelling presence; this connection establishes a reliance and makes us ready to reach out and have “one hand on the throne of God and the other on the sick person” John G. Lake.

Slowing it down

Many times I have watched people jump right in and just start praying. This is fine if you have the gift of Healing and you are confident in doing so.  For me, I need to slow down and understand and prepare the moment and the sick person to receive their healing. Slow it down, you are invoking a Holy encounter.

Assessing the sickness

I have found it most helpful to inquire with a question as to the nature and cause of the illness.

Often they will name the sickness and explain the effect. I use this time to not only learn what to pray for but also how to pray. As you listen don’t get discouraged, get mad at the devil.

Connecting love before praying

Before I pray, I look deep into the persons eyes and remind myself that Yahushua loves them. This step was my breakthrough in praying for the sick.

Faith and Expectation

After briefly asking about the condition I ask the person I am about to pray for some faith building questions:

“What is it you want Yahushua to do for you? “

To which they reply “heal me or take the sickness away”

I then ask “Do you believe Yahushua is able to heal you?”

To which they reply “yes”. If I don’t get a straight yes, I ask the question again which usually results in a strong “yes!”

These questions make the sick person participate and raise faith and expectation.

I then say this “according to your faith, let it be done unto you! Now, when I pray, I want you to close your eyes and see Yahushua coming to you with your healing, when you see Yahushua take your healing from Him”.

Laying on of Hands

Before I touch the person, I raise my hands so the person can see them and consult the Holy Spirit in prayer “Lord, you are the healer, what should I do?”

Expect and wait on the Lord until you have your answer-let the anticipation build as you stand with raised hands in silent withdrawn prayer inquiring of the Lord.

Then, when ready, I say out loud with confidence “HOLY SPIRIT, BRING GLORY TO THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA”, then I do what the Spirit just told or showed me to do.

Anointing Oil

When I know I am going to minister to the sick, I come prepared with anointing oil. I apply the oil in a symbol of a Cross on the sick person’s forehead. The faith inspiring effect on the sick is dramatic; with the application of oil they feel they are getting the complete real deal.

Speaking to the illness and the body

At this point my prayers are finished, it’s time to heal the sick person. I do not pray but I speak first to the illness and second to the body. I command. Using the name of the illness I command it too leave and die. Every sickness has a name but Yahushua’ Name is above every name and at His Name every other name will bow. It’s goes like this: “cancer, in the Name of Yahushua, I command YOU TO DIE. Body (or the sick person by name), I command you to LIVE AND BE HEALED now!” It’s a simple method- pray what illness is doing back on itself, then command in Yahushua’ Name what you want to see happen to happen-the Body and Person to health.


It is extremely important after praying to command the person to “test yourself”. That is to do what they could not do before the prayer. It is at this point things happen because, through the obedience, faith is engaged. Yahushua commanded the man with the shriveled hand ‘’stretch forth thy hand”.

Pray again

If the results are not yet visible, for example there is still pain in the lower back, I simply say “ok, lets pray again and you get your healing”.Remember, we are praying against rebellious spirits and don’t be surprised if they are stubbornly resistant. Pray again, this is a test of who is more determined. Evil spirits seem to know who is ready to rumble-they sense the determination.

Parting instructions to the healed

In final comments to the one I prayed for, I instruct them to “thank Yahushua for healing you and keep thanking Him until you are fully restored and then don’t forget to give your testimony that is was Yahushua that healed you”. If they show no signs of change, no problem here, I merely remind themthey asked for a healing not a miracle which is sudden and all at once healing. There is a difference. If there is any sign of disappointment, I ask if they want me to re-pray this time for a miracle healing. I usually get a big smile. Sometimes when you pray you do get the miracle healing but for others their healing comes as they go home or wake up the next day. The more I pray the more miracles I see. I am still learning of healings years after praying for someone.The point is their body has begun to heal and the sickness is now losing its power and dying.

One final word

I found early on when attempting to minister to a sick person I would encounter a confronting evil spirit that would ask me a question! A question like this “who are you to pray and expect anything?” This question is related to authority and without a strong ready answer the evil spirit remains resolute. Today, my answer is ‘my anointing’.

If you are not sure you are ready for this question, you can be ready by going into partnership with a ministry and enter into the same grace that is on that ministry. Apostle Paul wrote the Philippian church their giving and prayers made them covenant partners in the Gospel and with the same anointing that was in Paul’s ministry. I promise you the confidence of “the anointed of the Lord is here” will shove a stump in the accusers’ mouth.

Healings are a sign to the world that Yahushua is real, that HE IS GOD.

So, let us remember it’s not about us but it is all about YAHUSHUA. Let’s not be offended and continually pray for the sick so that our “speech and our preaching be not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power”. 1 Corinthains 2:4



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