Knowing the hidden things of the Kingdom of God

Mark 4:11 – And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

Yesterday I went for flag hoisting early morning to a prison with a family where I got to meet the people who manage the prison and also those who are put behind bars. This being my first time stepping into a prison I had a great experience and a pleasant one too since this was one of the best prisons here. The family I went with consisted of the couple with their son and daughter. The daughter is the youngest of the two siblings and still in school (higher grade). After the visit we were doing some sharing over breakfast and I asked a basic question of faith which till date all the Preachers, Pastors and Evangelist I asked could not answer me immediately but this young girl surprised me with an instant right answer. Later I came to know she was the one who bought the family out of a Christian religion and into knowing Christ some years back. She was the one who got the others to understand the importance of the Word of God when she was yet in the sixth grade.

Today’s message talks of the mysteries / hidden things / unknown facts of the Kingdom of God. Yahushua spoke this to His chosen few and not to all the public that who followed Him but left Him now and then. These few were the ones who felt their personal lives and constantly kept close contact with Yahushua day in and out.

What I saw in this girl was something I have in me and that is a fire burning within our bones for knowing more and more of Him and at the same time an effort to try to be obedient to His voice. Most of the Christian I met do have great desire to know God but they have a greater desire to do His work, but since they do not know Him well they land up following people who themselves do not know Him.

When we are in darkness (in the night), the moon which reflects the light of the sun (which is not visible) becomes the only source of light for us but when we are in day (in the light) we do not get reflected light but the direct light of the sun. In the same way when we do not know God it is the Men of God who direct us according to Him, but when we know God ourselves we become Men of God for others. Following a Man (or Woman) of God is like dwelling in moonlight but being in direct relationship with the Lord is like dwelling in the day.

A born from above Christian (there is nothing like Born-Again Christian the actual word means born from above) is like a blind man who was born blind but suddenly gets sight and starts to discover and understands the things he heard to the things he actually sees. Reading the Word of God is like a blind man hearing description of the things he cannot see. But when one comes in relationship with God the Word of God comes alive and visible to the person and he or she does not go by imagination but by reality.

It is true none of us present or existed till date know the whole Truth (leaving for Yahushua as man) because we all live in a body of flesh and we all are weak in some area or other. It is like our natural body of flesh cannot sustain the direct sun. Yahushua as man had overcome sin therefore flesh was not bondage for Him and thus He could transfigure. If any person comes to me and tells me I know everything of the Kingdom of God I would first ask him if he could transfigure, if not then he has a long way to go. We personally do not overcome but overcome together as a body, that is why our effort needs to be collective, as one. Understand the end comes when the complete Truth gets into us (collectively) and this can come when we overcome ourselves, follow Christ and pursue His cause.

On this Sunday service the Preacher was sharing on John 3:30 and Luke 9:23 about denying oneself and letting God be glorified in oneself. But as he preached the voice in me did not agree and led me to investigate the scripture deeper. When I checked Luke 9:23 I was in for a surprise, the Greek word translated as deny was not a simple word but a compound word made of two words. The later part of the word was ‘deny’ but the former part was ‘separate’. So the word was more like 2 negative words that make a positive word.

Christianity is not about denying but about knowing. It is about separating ourselves from falsehood and coming to the knowledge of the Truth. Unless we do not separate ourselves from the falsehood, the worldly person there is no way we can come to the knowledge of the hidden things of the Kingdom of God.

When I came to know how I was deceived as a ‘Christian’ I sat before the Lord as a blank paper and asked the Lord to write afresh with His Hand into my mind and into my heart. It was only when I sat as an infant knowing nothing and desiring to know that I got to know the truth more and more. That did not mean every thought that came to my mind I took it as from the Lord. Everything that came to me as per Lord’s instruction I verified with scriptures if it was from the Lord or it was my own thinking or influenced by the traditions of people.

Today God is saying He desires to open the knowledge and understanding of His Kingdom which is yet hidden but only if you come to Him as a child who knows nothing and desiring to learn. You need to be constantly with Him like the disciples and not giving Him a slot of your day and rest to the world. You need to be obedient to His voice for only when you value the small things will the greater things be given to you.

Lord You alone have eternal life and only when we dwell with and in You will we be able to live eternally. Lord without knowing the Truth which we lost in the Garden of Eden when we ate of the fruit of doubt, we will not be able to come back to be with You. You Lord paid the price and gave us your Spirit to lead us to the knowledge of the Truth. We pray Lord we surrender to your Spirit, know who we are in You and come to know more and more of You…

This prayer we make in Yahushua’ Name, Amen.


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