We normally quote he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world!
Yahushua said you cannot serve two masters at a time. The question is which master is incharge of your life? you are not the king of your life. Somebody owns you and he is incharge of your life! I don’t know your aspiration this year, Yahushua said John 15: 6 for without me ye can do nothing. No wonder David said in psalm 23:1 The lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He said the lord is incharge of my life and because of that I shall not want. Whosoever that is incharge of your life recharges your life! Your resourses comes from your Source!

Let not your uncle be incharge of your life because he may fail you.
Let your money be not the one that is incharge of your life, Money is not a gurantee of suffering free life! Money can give you the best hospital but cannot give you good health, Money can get you the best bed but can’t give you sleep, Money can also get you the best food but cannot give you appetite, Money can get you the best securty men but it cannot buy peace! So why will you allow it to be incharge of your life?

This year if you must achieve all you want, you must let God be incharge. How?
By surrendering your life, everything about you to him!
Remember if it is not good it is not God.

God bless you!


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