The Greatest Love

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John. 1:16
And of His fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.

There is a popular song that asks, “How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?
“No one can give the right answers to these questions with any degree of precision. So it is impossible for any human to measure the extent of God’s love for man.

However, there are moments you feel lonely and alone; when all your hopes are dashed, when your best-laid plans go wrong and if nothing comes of your greatest dreams. When this happens, you run the risk to fall into self-pity. In such circumstances it does not take much to lose your confidence and fall into despair.

Never lose the miracle of the grace of God’s love. Study the scriptures and see how He always cares in every conceivable situation for his people. Look around and you will find evidence of his grace in the world where you live and work amongst other children of God.

The boundless of God’s love is proved by the fact that he was willing to sacrifice his son for you. Greater love than this, there cannot exist on earth. Deep, deeper than the deepest ocean; high, higher than the highest heaven; wide, wider than the widest plain: This is the extent of God’s love for you.

Love is the greatest “reality” that God can give to us, because He IS love; it is also the greatest “reality” that we can give to God because that is how we also give of ourselves all of what is within us and of what is ours to others.

I thank Thee, our God and Father, that Thy love for me through Yahushua Mashiach / Christ is greater than human comprehension.
With gratitude, Amen


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