A Letter… From Your Heavenly Father

A Letter…
From Your Heavenly Father

My Dear Child,

You know you are not of this world, you’ve been bought with a price.
I paid your ransom. I cannot pay it twice.

The ultimate sacrifice was made that you might live.
I took your sin upon Himself; I’ve nothing more to give.

You are a very special child, one I really treasure..
Why do you turn away from me to follow worldly pleasure?

You once received my gift by faith. It turned your life around.
From darkness into light you walked; My welcome there you found.

I’ve called you to be a soldier. Like Paul, fight the good fight.
For you will only know My best, when you do what is right.

Don’t look at other Christian’s lives, and think, “they do it too”.
Each one must answer for himself, and now I’m asking you.

My Spirit once shone from your eyes, before sin took it’s toll.
When you still had your innocence, and My will was your goal.

Remember when you were so filled with joy from loving me?
Now you’ve found a counterfeit and lost your liberty.

Oh, my child, you’ve been deceived. What a man sows, he’ll reap.
The one who listens to Satan, Satan will try to keep.

He comes as an angel of light enticing those who are weak.
Promising love and life and wealth; whatever it is you seek.

I set you free from bondage once. I’ll set you free again.
But, choose My way; faith doesn’t work for double minded men.

Don’t let the devil claim your soul, your spirit or your mind.
Resist him, he will flee from you. My power you will find.

I’ve given you authority and power over sin.
The devil is your enemy; but, I want you to win.

I called you out of darkness; brought you to the light;
With My Holy Spirit you may walk by faith, not sight.

You were fashioned to be mine. Even before your birth,
I planned a life of service for you to live on earth.

You are my chosen vessel. Why will you live in shame?
Use the power I have given you. That power’s in Yahushua’ name.

With utmost love,

Your Heavenly Father



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