When a farmer goes to the farm to harvest, He didn’t go there without planting seeds in the ground, hence, the farmer goes to his farm with an expectation to take home with something whether in rainy or dry season. You can be a successful farmer (person) by converting your money into seed. A widow told Elijah, “we want to go and eat it and die.”, but Elijah told her, “You can choose to eat it and live.” She believed the words of the prophet and she did according to his words in 1 Kings 17:9. But 1 Kings 17-16 says, “The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the curse of oil fail, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake by Elijah.” The anointing of God came upon this woman’s barrel of meal and cruse of oil and it terminated failure, it put an end to emptiness; and it broke the power of famine and economic tragedy upon her household.

That same anointing is going to work in your life as you sow your new beginning seed as we enter 2015. Support of the works of God. In this 2015, release your hands and sow seed to bless you more. When a man sow (gives) in faith, He must surely receives (reap) bountifully no matter the condition of the season. Some prayers at times don’t work without seed and some seed don’t produce good fruits without strong faith. You are here, if you sowed and have not been healed physically, don’t give up or dont allow the strange voice to overpower your thoughts. I can assure that a great miracle will still happen in this year 2015 if you keep on sowing.

No matter what your bank account, wallet or pocket is saying, hold on to the word of God at all times. Give your best and convert your doubts, feelings, belief into new seed.

What happened when Isaac sowed? He received hundred fold of the blessings and He was able to reap the benefits of his sowing. In this year 2015, let many thing change so that you can use your seed to glorify the name of God for what He will do and for what He has done!!! Sow a seed of NEW BEGINNING and you shall have great testimony to share in year 2015! There is a deep mystery about seed sowing which many people has not known due to ignorance and greediness. Your year 2015 can be better if you can start well the new month of January 2015 with your seed of breakthroughs as you obey this divine instruction, may God favour you this 2015 through your seed. Do you need a new beginning, do you want the fruit of the womb, do you want a miraculous job, do you want a new vision, business enlargement, children, miraculous husband, wife, stable home, holiness, sow a seed into this ministry and there shall be real evidence and your seed shall produce good results for you in Yahushua name.

Support the FOC ministry with your Seed/Tithe/First-fruits. To give, Contact HERE:

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If FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST has been a blessing to you, we ask that you support FOC with your finances and prayers. Give to God’s work. We are also committed to praying for our partners everyday!

Partner with us!

Everywhere through FOC ministry so many lives are touched, people rededicate their lives, the perversions stopped in people’ lives, people give their lives to Yahushua or get filled with the Holy Ghost…the eternal rewards are not only for FOC ministry but for all our Partners from across the world. We are all partakers of the same grace and sharers of these eternal fruits! You think you are not in ministry, but you ‘doing’ a lot of ministry with your seed! He will use you who have been blessed on this platform to support the FOC ministry so that more people can be blessed!

For Account details please contact:

The FOC ministry fb page & the website are for Spreading the Gospel & Evangelising, bearing witness to: the full gospel of Yahushua Mashiach / Christ, the soon coming of Yahushua, Repentance & Forgiveness, end times, Obedience, Walking in the Will of God, Bible Truths & Study, Exposing Gospel Deceiption & FALSE Preaching, Hypocrisy and lukewarm Christian living, Backsliding, the reality of Heaven and Hell, rebuking sin, promoting holiness & righteousnesses, stirring the people of God to do good works, Making Disciples and helping people to prepare the way for the LORD. Soon He comes for a holy bride, may we be found ready.

FOC Team


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