1 Sam 21:8-10

God wants man to obey Him not only completely, but urgently as well. God wants mean to carry out His assignment without any slothfulness. God is a man always on time! It is unfortunate that some children of God do not know that every directives and command from God is timely and important. When God asked us to do somethings, it is for our own good and it is also important we do them quickly and not by procrastination. When God asked you to visit someone, to pay your tithes, fulfill your vow promises, do them urgently because God’s work requires quick determination. When God asked you to pray for your nation, pray for the sick, pray for your pastors, or those people in your neighbourhood, do them without hesitation and don’t ignore.

Frankly speaking, many people are daily are not working according to the promises of God or assignment given to them to do. For instance, some people would say “how can I pray for the sick people when I am also sick.” “How possible can I pray or interceed for my country when there is no change in the government or leaders. The bible says, pray for the peace of Jerusalem….

Listen: There are lots of blessings and goodness attached to doing God’s work and obeying Him as well quickly. (Matthew 28:19). God commanded us to preach the gospel to every corner of the world, to reach the unreached souls, and this we must do without hesitation. Our failure to obey Him and do His work quickly, bring the anger of God. God is not a God of anger, but He’s a God of principle.

When Yahushua M Christ asked His disciple to pray at the city of Gethesamene, it was done out of a purpose, the purpose was not to enter into temptation (Matthew 26.41).

God’s wrok requires urgency. We should not be slothful in the kingdom business. Let our carryout God assignment without fear or favour. Has God given you some assignments to do but up till now, you are finding them very difficult to work on them? Pray to God that your flesh should not override your spirit man. May God reward us hastily as we do its work.


•Anointing to carry out the assignment of God to the end, fall upon me, in Yahushua’ name.

•Every satanic opposition to my breakthrough, die, in Yahushua” name.

•Every witchcraft agenda to make the things of God not important, die, in Yahushua’ name.

—–Pray any other prayer points as led. Feel free to support FOC ministry with your seed/finances.
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If FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST has been a blessing to you, we ask that you support FOC with your finances and prayers. Give to God’s work. We are also committed to praying for our partners everyday!

Partner with us!

Everywhere through FOC ministry so many lives are touched, people rededicate their lives, the perversions stopped in people’ lives, people give their lives to Yahushua or get filled with the Holy Ghost…the eternal rewards are not only for FOC ministry but for all our Partners from across the world. We are all partakers of the same grace and sharers of these eternal fruits! You think you are not in ministry, but you ‘doing’ a lot of ministry with your seed! He will use you who have been blessed on this platform to support the FOC ministry so that more people can be blessed!

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