HOW GOD SHOWED ME THE VISION OF RAPTURE & HELL (Part I) – You have to read this!

After a forty-day fast that I was requested to go through by the Lord, in the place of prayer, I suddenly saw light around me and then heard the audible voice of the Lord saying, “Men have seen the sky, the sun, moon and stars, the mountains and the hills and yet they fear Me not; I will not hold My peace anymore, I am coming to judge the earth.”

The Lord showed me an open vision of the rapture before He took me down to hell. The first person I saw in the vision was the Lord Yahushua Mashiach / Christ Himself. I have seen Him on several occasions before now so I know Him.

The Lord ALLOWED me to see the PRESENT CONDITION (not FUTURE DESTINATION!) of everyone He has privileged me to meet in my two and half year’s journey with Him. As well as many others that I have never met including those the Lord said I will meet in future.

1. I saw those who were going up in glory with the Lord.

2. I saw those were going down in destruction.

Those in Category 2 were far more in number compared to those in Category 1.
There were those who were not seen in Category 1 or 2. The Lord says these ones are hiding in darkness for there is nothing hidden in the Light.

Most of the ministers who were going up in glory, the Lord says, are not the popular ministers known by men on earth but are known by Him. However, I saw some ministers of the gospel that I know.

Most of the major ministers in Nigeria were seen going down in destruction. The Lord says this is the season of judgment. He says He cannot bear any longer what they are doing in His name for He is coming to judge the earth, yet it is not too late if they repent; but He says, “If you refuse to be sincere with yourself and repent, you know where you are going – your destiny is eternal destruction.”Just some of the major ministers among the so many ministers in destruction are going to be mentioned here for the purpose of their redemption. The Lord says it is not His will for you to be where you are right now and you know it.

These include Pastor Enoch Adeboye (Redeemed Christian Church of God), Bishop David Oyedepo (Living Faith Church), Pastor Tunde Bakare (Latter Rain Assembly), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor (President, Christian Association of Nigeria), Dr. Olukoya (Mountain of Fire and Miracles), Matthew Ashimolowo (Kingsway Church, United Kingdom), Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Christ Embassy), Pastor T.B. Joshua (Synagogue of All Nations), Chris Okotie (Household of God), Evangelist Uma Ukpai and many others!

I have never met or known any of these ministers. However, some of these ministers were brought to me in the place of prayer for intercession during the forty-day fast preceding this vision. The Lord introduced them to me as lost ministers.

Christian national leaders from other countries include –Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Rod Parsley, Myles Munroe, Mike Murdock, Paula White, Ron Kenoly, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Pat Robertson, Reinhard Bonkke, Pope Benedict, David Yongi Cho, Duncan Williams and many others!

The essence of mentioning these names is for these people to be warned by those who know them and love them so there can be a change in their ways before it is too late! My responsibility is to simply report what I saw and to warn, so I am free of their blood. There are many other lost ministers whose names cannot be listed here, but let everyone examine himself before the searchlight of the Holy Spirit. Each of us must confront ourselves with the gospel of truth before it is too late forever!

The truth is like a double-edged sword which if received reverently could comfort us and if rejected could crush us (Heb. 4:12-13).

This vision is a demonstration of grace and love from the FATHER-HEART OF GOD.

Q. Where is the destination of these people who are going up with You?

A. They are coming to be with Me where I prepared for them.

Q. For those going down in destruction, where is their destination?

A. They are going down to hell except they repent.

Q. Why are these people in destruction?

……to be continued in Part II

Why this vision?

God is a merciful God who does not want us to perish. The purposes of this vision:

1) You personally need to settle your relationship with God. Forget about the ministers mentioned in the vision, you personally need to settle your account with God before it is too late. Are you genuinely saved? Are you living a holy and godly life or you are following the modern prosperity Christianity?

2) You need to repent now; you need to experience genuine salvation now before it is too late. It is not about saying, “God have mercy on me, Lord I need you to help me” but you also need to take step for your new life, you need to surrender your self and sins to Yahushua by yourself, God will not do that for you.

3) Are you a child of God? Examine yourself. We all need to examine ourselves with the word of God. What is those aspects, habits in our lives that we have been overlooking, excusing or we think they don’t matter? Those things can hinder us from entering heaven if we don’t repent now. What is the restitution to make or who to forgive? Please, let’s all settle everything now. Let’s search our lives with God’s word and surrender all as we pray.

4) Flee from false teachings of worldly indulgences and prosperity focus. Those preachers who emphasize on prosperity more than purity, who tell you about earthly blessings more than the second coming of Yahushua are lost ministers, irrespective of their popularity and prophecies. Read Matthew 7:21, 23.

Repent, confess your sins and forsake them, accept Yahushua as your Lord and start a new life in Him. Look unto Yahushua not any Pastor or Bishop.

NOTE: Remember your confession of sin is useless without repentance, readiness to forsake them.

Acts 17: 30 Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent

2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.

This vision is not from FOC but from Brother Sadiq Ibrahim ( who God showed the vision. There are many acclaimed visions from God both fake and true, but after we prayerfully searched, we are convinced this is a genuine vision from God for our repentance. At a minister conference, about 5 people from different places shared the same vision as God gave them, to warn every one of us and these minsters to repent, that He is coming SOON. Some of the people God gave this vision said they have already informed most of these ministers, it is now left to them to repent, but then you can choose for your own dear life. The common message is: YAHUSHUA can come any moment from now.

Are you ready to rededicate your life to Yahushua now or start a new life? Then repent! Confess all your sins, forsake them all and ask Yahushua to forgive, cleanse you and save you.


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