Fools and slow of heart

Then he said to them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken – Luke 24:25

Among today’s Christians we see the things of that Catholic Church have taken a great effect on the belief of even the Believers or ‘Born-Again’ Christians. Among the first things the Catholic Church did was to give a symbol (crucifix) and take away the meaning (CROSS). That is why people do not know the basics like ‘from whom did Yahushua (Jesus) come to save us from’, the immediate answer is Satan. It shows how Satan has been glorified and given great importance. Yahushua came not to save us from Satan but to save us from God. On the cross He did not say ‘Satan now you are destroyed’ but said ‘Father forgive them for they do not know what they do’. Yahushua came to move us from the coming under the wrath of God wherein we would be destroyed on Judgment Day and bring us on to His righteous side so as to be blessed in Him. Another thing the Catholic Church did was to split the Bible into 2 parts and called them New Testament and Old Testament making 2 testaments, one before Yahushua and one after Yahushua. That is why people do not know Christ is the Jehovah / Yahweh of the Old Testament.

Even the Jewish Church which is considered the elder sister of the Catholic Church (the 2 daughters of the false Church) did a similar thing with the Jews so as to spiritually destroy the people called by God.

The greatest evil the Jewish Church did was it did not allow people to understand the Word or Law of God and replaced it with rituals and traditions making them into the Law of Moses. That is why they celebrated feasts without understand the real reason. They implemented the Law of the Lord in the flesh and made it a carnal Law. That is why we saw the greatest Laws for them were things like the Sabbath, tithes, celebrating feasts, washing of hands and feet etc.

In today’s message we see Yahushua pulls them up and reveals to them the reason why. We see Yahushua does not point to the Jewish church as the problem but to them for the problem. Understand we do not get fooled because the other person was smart but more because we have not been smart. If we are wise and we discern everything well, then there is no chance of us being fooled.

In today’s message we read the word as ‘fools’ actually means ‘lack of understanding’ and ‘slow of heart’ means ‘one who does not discern or give thought to things’.

We as Christians have inherited the ‘fools’ and ‘slow of heart’ factors of the former Jewish church. When Yahushua told the Jews to be saved they need to be ‘born again’ today He says the same for us Christians as well and He would possibility shout that aloud to all Christians alive.

Firstly there is no word as ‘born again’ in the Bible it is a mistranslation. In John 3 when Yahushua spoke to Nicodemus the words He actually said was ‘born from above’. We read Yahushua also says ‘one who is born of flesh is flesh and one born of Spirit is spirit’. It does not mean we need to be born again in the flesh but means to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit like a child has with its mother. We need to grow from infancy (being in the womb) to growing into teen and unto a man.

Today we see there are very few Christians who are ‘born from above’, for the masses lack understanding and do not discern things. Anyone says anything in the name of Christianity or adds the word ‘Christ’ to anything, Christians will immediately swallow it and make it part of Christianity.

Let us be Born from Above, born from the Spirit. Let us study God’s Word and not lack understanding. Let us discern everything and anything that affects us, especially our spiritual walk in Christ.

Lord, time before You had warned man about being deceived in a big way. Today people are experiencing problems and disasters as if You do not exist. They feel it is your will and desire to see your people suffer for You warned about them, they are far from You and your Kingdom. Lord we pray more and more people stop walking in the flesh and walk more in the Spirit with matters relating to You. We pray they grow in knowledge and understanding of your Kingdom and that they use discernment more and more…

This prayer we make in Yahushua’ Name, Amen.


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