For all unrighteousness is sin,there is nothing like little sin. If you steals a biro and you are comparing it with someone that rob a super market or bank,saying afterall, is it not a common biro,bear it in mind that, that little sin is capable of taking you to hell. There are little things in our lives that if we are not watchful,they will cause alot of damage to us both physically and spiritually.

I do see so many people classifying sin as big and small,they condemn some and let go of the other sins which they called ‘little sins’, it does’nt matter if is big or small,just as a little pinch of wrong ingredient spoils the whole food,for example when salt or pepper is so much in what you are cooking it spoils all the food, so also sin, just tiny little sin makes you too sinful to meet with GOD.

Do not be suprised,small sins makes away for greater ones. One of the devices of satan is to present sin as less than it is,he will tell you, is it not a little sin,that you can commit it without any danger to your soul. You can commit it and your soul will still live,that YAHUSHUA had died for all your sins both past unconfessed ones,present and future. Many times this small sins are more dangerous than we think,lets consider,how small sins have received the greatest wrath,in the book of Gen 2:16-17,the eating of the fruit,and the touching of the ark. This little sin grows from step to step until you cannot prevail over it. How I wish that GOD could open the eyes of a sinner to see the horrid and danger of all sin. This little sin has sent even the most righteous man to hell,have you ever realized that is this little sins that send alot of people to hell?

People don’t commit sins that are big in their sight,but they are not careful about the sins that looks small in their sight, first, you lie in order to free yourself from mere shame,not realizing the great torment awaiting for you in hell,if you die in it. Secondly you steal in order to meet your need,which passes away and later land you in hell, so on,and you called them little,remember GOD treats all sin the same way,no sin is worse than the other,because no unrighteous thing will enter into the kingdom of GOD,for all unrighteousness is sin and the wages of sin is death[hell] because he that committet a sin is of the devil.

If you are still telling small small lies,stealing,cheating,malice,hatred,fornication etc, you have to stop and do a U-turn and come to YAHUSHUA,ask him to forgive and have mercy on you,for you not to be caught up in that little sin and end up in hell. Think about it! Stay bless and remain rapturable!


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