Five Questions to ask ourself in Five Days as the Year comes to an end.

Questions can be powerful? When man fell in the Garden of Eden, God came and asked a simple question. That question was not to elicit an answer per se because God knows all things, it was a question that God asked to see whether Adam was remorseful and would confront himself, but He didn’t. He tried to give excuses, and that wasn’t a good ides with God. In answering these questions, you need to be “brutal” with yourself and not play politics with your life. Sincere answers to these questions will advance your life.

Day 1, Question 1
What were my greatest mistakes in 2014?

What mistakes did I make? Think very carefully. The idea here is not some guilt trip or to blame yourself all over again, but to make sure you have learnt from your mistakes and that such mistakes would not be repeated in 2015. That is how to grow. That is how to move further in life.

A man or woman that refuses to learn from his mistakes is not learning at all. You aborted for him once. It was a mistake. God will forgive when you repent genuinely. He will wipe your sins away as if you didn’t sin in the first place. But, you make sure you are not generous at opening your legs again! You are not a sex toy to satisfy someone’s adrenalin! You are made in God’s image!

You didn’t fornicate, but it was a year full of petting, kissing, and caressing and dry humping with several people. Those were mistakes as well. Have you told yourself there would be none of such in the coming year? That is why the relationship broke up because that is not God’s order! Have you learnt? That is how to grow in God!

Day 2, Question 2
Who are my greatest influencers in 2014?

Who are my influencers? Who are those in my inner circle? Who are my friends?

Are they good people? Was I positively influenced or negatively impacted? Which relationships do I need to withdraw from? Are there Amnons I should run away from? Are there Jezebels I should disconnect from? Are there deceivers, liars, users, and manipulators that I discovered? What have I done to move away from such people? Who are the people that constituted the greatest distractions to my life in 2014? Am I in love with a distraction? What decisions have I made regarding all these?

Day 3, Question?
Which spiritual resources improved my life in 2014?

What kind of spiritual resources contributed to my spiritual progress? Did your church bless you? Stay there! Was FOC a tremendous blessing? Stay there!

Day 4, Question 4
Did I honour God and His Word enough in 2014?

Was I obedient to the heavenly vision? Did I obey God all the way in 2014? Did I serve in God’s house? Did I sow enough seed to warrant me saying, Lord, remember my offerings? Can you say, Lord, I have appropriated all the covenants, including service, giving, consecration, etc, what remains now is your blessings and favour. Are you a tither in 2014? Or you are still battling with doctrines? How effective are you in serving God? Have you been involved in Sharing the Gospel? Did you Help someone in need or were you too selfish?

Day 5, Question 5
Who are the people I am offended at as at now?

You cannot carry bitterness or unforgiving spirit into 2015. It is an unwanted baggage, it is illegal and it is contraband in kingdom of God. Go over all who stepped on your toes, and all you stepped on theirs. Have you made peace by forgiving all? Clean your mind and free your spirit. 2015 is such a great year in your life and nobody will stop you. Make up your mind on that, and God will surely help you! I pray for you this morning, 2015 will be a year wherein your mouth will be filled with laughter in Yahushua name!

I am learning by the day

Lord, help me not to repeat the mistakes I have made

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. (Proverbs 3:13 KJV)

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