It’s wrong for a born again Christian to subscribe to the idea that ‘we are all flesh and blood’. Being flesh and blood is being tied to carnality; lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It’s being tied to ‘falling into sin today and rising and falling again’.

Being flesh and blood also mean being under the powers of sin, sickness and diseases and under the power of the devil.

For you to live about sin, you must first become spirits clothed by a flesh and not flesh having a spirit (hope you catch the diference). Christ came to make us live above the powers of sin, darkness, sicknesses and diseases and for Him to achieve that He made us ‘spirits’ (spirit born spirits).

Do you wonder why Christ made us spirits? It’s because it’s only a spirit that can’t be made sick, hindered from travelling to wherever it wants to, killed or destroyed etc. John 3:8
When you gave your life to Christ you become an offspring for the HolySpirit thus a spirit.
Its only flesh and blood that lives in error, spirits don’t because they have accurate knowledge of how to do althings and they know althings. Christians that sin are those who have lost their spirit consciousness because those who are born of God can’t sin because they are spirits. 1 John 5:18

Those that lives in sickness or attacked by demonic powers are yet to be transformed into spirit because the evil one can’t touch ‘all those born of the spirits’ 1Jn 5:18.

If you are still subject to sin and sickneses, if you still fall everyday you try to rise, if you still helplessly live in sickness and diseases and under the powers of darkness, you need to be born and grow in the spirit.
(Extract from the Sunday service preaching)

God bless you.
Pastor Promise Ikpe
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Bring your sick folks and all those suffering demonic afflictions to house #47, 6th street National-Mbare on Wednesdays’ 10 am and God will deliver them.


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