“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive Power and Wealth and Wisdom and Strength, and Honor and Glory and Praise!”

Bible is the word of God written through inspiration of the Holy Spirit by men appointed by the Most High, in which salvation not only for Israel but also for all mankind is clearly guaranteed. Being believers, we should walk in spirit in the light of word of God because kingdom of heaven can only be achieved through “Halacha” of Bible. Psalmist also declares “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path”. (Psalms 119/105). By these words Psalmist gives significance to the importance of the word of God in our lives. Is today’s Christianity really according to the word of God? Are all the churches giving full importance to the word of God, which is due?

Nothing is there which God forgot to narrate in the Bible and no one is able to add or take away anything from the Bible. Are our lives being spent according to the Bible? Are all the churches on international level taking full guidance from the word of God or also relying upon human mind?
There arises an important and worth thinking question by various sects of critics “What is Christmas?” “Does Christmas has anything with the birth of Christ?” “When and where was it started from?” “How was it linked with Christ?” Let us examine and study about this important and radical topic and judge it on the basis of Bible and other historical record.

Sons of Israel were given feasts and in ‘Torah’ God ordered and directed Moses to observe and perform all these feasts and he was given names, months, exact dates and duration of these feasts. He was also given complete ways of their observances, and in Spirit God also revealed in these feasts His mighty program of Salvation for all mankind in the future (Leviticus Ch. 23).

Here verse 3 tells us about ‘Sabbath’ and:

1. “The Passover and Unleavened Bread” (Verse 5-6) “Lord’s Passover begins at twilight on the fourteenth day of first month and the “Lords’ Feast of unleavened Bread” show “suffering and the sacrifice of Christ (Ha Mashiach).
2. “First fruits” “reap its harvest bring to priest a sheaf of the First Grain wave it on the day after the Sabbath.”(V. 9-11) shows “resurrection of Christ”.
3. “Feast of weeks” (Pentecost) “From the day after the Sabbath you brought sheaf count off seven full weeks Count off fifty days” (Verse 15-22) shows “out-pouring of the Holy Spirit”.
4. “Feast of Trumpets” “On the first day of the seventh month” (Verse 23-25) represents “Coming world-wide Rapture of the Church”.
5. “Day of Atonement” “The tenth day of this seventh month” (Verse 26-27) represents “Tribulation after the Rapture of the Church and the days of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30/7).
6. “Feast of Tabernacles” “On the fifteenth day of the seventh month” (Verse 33-34) represents “millennial kingdom of the Lamb on earth”.

God gave Israel feasts and revealed His Mighty program through them but in new testament no where is indicated the actual date of the birth of Christ. Did God forget to inspire his servants to write or indicate the day and date of birth of His own beloved son? Apostle Paul writes in his epistle to Galatians “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be anathema! (Gal. 1/8). Why did Paul write so? It was because in spirit, he was smelling ‘conspiracy’ against Christ and His teachings. He shouted that “even if we”, that is “he himself or other apostles” and even “an angel from heaven” whether it might be the angel “Gabriel” has no power or authority to alter or change teachings of Christ and manipulate an other kind of teaching. If anyone found doing so he is a cursed one “Let him be anathema”. Further, he teaches the church of Galatians in his epistle in Chapter-4 verse 10 that “special days and months and seasons and years” bear no significance. If anyone presses this point that Paul was restraining the believers in Galatia from the observance of the Jewish feasts, then, as an answer, I will argue that, when Paul criticized the observance of those feasts which were duly certified by God in the old testament, then, what is about Christmas for which nothing even an iota is said or found anywhere in the Bile especially in New Testament.

When Moses went up on the mountain Sinai, he was shown a ‘sanctuary’ or a ‘tabernacle’ (Exodus 25/8-9) and was ordered to make a sanctuary exactly like the pattern he was shown. Moses never used his own mind anywhere apart from the instructions given by the Almighty God Himself. God never depends upon human efforts and thoughts. Today, all the churches must also be in the same pattern of the early apostolic church as we see in the book of ‘Acts’ whom Christ built upon Himself exactly like the pattern He was given by His heavenly Father. All such churches will soon be pulled up by the root that are not found on the pattern of true early apostolic church and they will be left behind to suffer tribulation and “the beast and the ten horns will hate the prostitute (False Church). They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” (Rev. 17/16).

New Testament gives us clear instructions only but ecclesiastical congregation and sharing in the Lord’s supper while today’s Churches are doing number of things which are not found in the Bible especially New Testament. We should follow the original “ancient paths, and good ways” (Jeremiah 6/16) and follow the foot prints of the early apostolic Church-True Church of Christ. True Church, the body of Christ i.e. ‘ecclesia’ is the only church which is built on same pattern as shown in the book of Acts and has power of Pentecost and where true revelation is experienced every day, where Christ is clearly seen walking and trimming this church.

“Conspiracy” against Christ had its origin right from the heaven. Satan with his angels had been active to disturb God’s salvific program since their rejection and falling from heaven (Isaiah 14/12). Moreover, Psalmist also in Psalm 2 says. “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against his Mashiach (anointed one)”. (Psalm 2/1-2). Sin or rebellian was caused to enter in Eden and first couple disobeying their real master was expelled out from Eden. “Wish (ambition) to be like or equal to God got “pregnant” and “gave birth to sin” and thus as a result Cain was born to Eve. Cain overcame Abel. False overcame True one. No doubt Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel but two children were of different seeds. Just like two trees, one of life another of knowledge of evil were getting their nourishment from the same soil, so was with Abel and Cain. Cain was not Adam’s seed but of serpent while Adam’s real son was Abel. That is why Cain killed Abel. Cain was the first killer upon this earth. Cain’s cruel deed proved him to be of Serpent (I will not go in detail here about Cain’s real father for knowing in details keep in touch with us). It was repeated again and again after it. Due to great ”Conspiracy” God’s vessels” had been tortured by the persons having satanic characteristics. When Moses was born, again ‘conspiracy’ of killing all the male babies was motivated so that Moses might be crushed away among them, Satan was behind this motive, but God saved his anointed one. Moses was a foreshadow of Christ- Ha Mashiach. He had to be the then-savior of the Hebrew nation. God rescued His nation Israel from the hands of Egyptians and through Moses brought them out of the bondage of Egypt. God triumphed. Israel was led by Moses then by Joshua to the promised land so that they might worship their true Lord YHWH and follow the laws of holiness and remain holy in YHWH’s presence.

As ‘Conspiracy’ was also there parallel to the true religion of YHWH, other idolatrous nations were enthusiast in performing their unholy, sinful and idolatrous rites. Bible also tells us about them and warns about their cults. God forbade His people not to have any concern with the idolatrous cults of pagan nations and about their gods and goddesses rather separate themselves from their unholy ritual observances. (Ex. 23/13) (Lev. 20/6, 20/27), (Deut. 12/29, 13/6-11, 16/21).


“Christmas was not among in the early festivals of Church.” Catholic Encyclopedia 1908, Vol.III, P.724)

About shepherds ‘They were not there in the cold rainy season”. (Encyclopedia Britannica 1907, Vol.5 P.611)

«In 354 A.D., Liberius, the bishop of Rome ordered to celebrate 25th December birthday of Sun” (World book Encyclopedia 1966, Vol.3, P.416)

“Many Christmas ceremonies. Were not Christian festival of Saturnalia at Rome provided a Pattern” (James Hatings Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. Vol.iii. pp. 608-609)

“Christmas the observance is probably no older than A.D. 200.” (Columbia Encyclopedia)

“Exchanging gifts was also a part of pagan festivals”. (Encyclopedia Americana 1956 Vol. VI. P. 622)

Knowing everything about this pagan Christianized festival, I am amazed what thing compels religious leaders, pastors, whether Pentecostal or non-Pentecostal to celebrate this unholy and hellish festival.

As we see above, when Romans entered into the church, the priests of this mother-child cult also entered and began searching ‘words’ and ‘events’ in the gospels so that they might easily compare them with the ‘mysteries’ of the “mother-child” cult. They succeeded. ‘Mother’ was given new name ‘Mary’ and ‘Child’ was given a new name and identity as ‘baby Jesus’. So, the ancient ‘mother-child’ cult was transferred in the name and identity of ‘Mary- baby Jesus’. Thence, idols of Babylonian cult were also invited in church and church building. Today, you can see in every Roman Catholic Church and home an idol of a woman with a child’ being worshiped as ‘Mary and baby Jesus’. Bible clearly condemns making idols or images but people still respond as in the days of prophet Jeremiah ‘we will not listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord” (Jer. 44:16). The entrance of Romans into the church was the beginning of apostasy. That is why Christ Y’Shua warned the church in Thyatira about Jezebel. The age of Thyatira was the age of Roman Catholic Church and its end will be in the tribulation by the beast The Antichrist. God manifested in Y’Shua warned and still warns about her “…so I will cast her on a bed of suffering and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely”. (Rev. 2:18-29)

About ‘mother-child cult, Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost writes:

“Several years ago I visited an archeological museum in Mexico City. A recent find had just been put on display which Mexican archeologist had authenticated as belonging to the period about 200 years before Christ. The object was the center of religious worship among some of the early Indians in Mexico. To my amazement, it was an image of a mother with a child in her arms. This Babylonian religion spread abroad to become the religion of the world” (Pentecost, Prophecy for today P. 133).
The high priest in this cult system was called Pontifex Maximus. Today Pope is also referred as Pontiff of Rome. Christ condemned such titles
Early believers protested against such alteration and pagan education and they were sentenced to death by religious court. Worship of sun-god was accepted by the remaining members. Conspiracy dominated the church. Images of sun were again made and worshiped. Even today you can observe Saint Peter’s plan exactly, like the shape of sun ‘Sunday’ was also fixed and consecrated for congregation.

Bible as well as secular history tell us that first spade of dirt was turned for the purpose of Devil-worship at the tower of Babel where Santan’s church began officially as seen in Genesis 11:1-9 nearly 24 centuries B.C. Here in the fertile plain of shinar, probably very close to the original Garden of Eden, Nimrod, an apostate grandson of Noah who was full-time minister of Satan, after the flood founded civilization. In those days, people faced the dangers of falling prey to the wild animals and Nimrod was a mighty hunter. He proved himself “the Saviour” of humans from wild animals. In Genesis chapter 10 it is written, “He was a mighty hunter before the Lord” (Verse-9). According to Hebrew text, word “before” means “against” thus verse 9 reads as ‘He was a mighty hunter against the Lord’.
Nimrod founded Babylon, Erech, Akkad, and Calneh in Shinar. In Chapter-11, we see that they began making a tower and a city in the land of Shinar, so that they might not scatter and thus might have a ‘Name’ there. The Satanic ambition “to be as high as the Lord” (Isaiah 47/13) was working among the people building the tower of Babylon ” to make a name for themselves”. There was another reason to build the tower that was to promote the Astronomy so that they might gaze and observe the stars and Zodiac signs easily. Ancient records of secular history tell us that Nimrod married a woman who was as evil and demonic as himself. Her name was ‘Semiramus’ and was highly skillful in witchcraft and was a harlot. Nimrod was killed during a hunting trip and he left behind him a son named ‘Tammuz’. At the tower of Babel, Semiramus with her son Tammuz started (instituted) a religious system which made both “her and her son” the objects of divine worship. She herself became the first high priestess. Thus began the “mother-child” cult. Semiramus proclaimed her son Tammuz as “promised seed” the Messiah because Semiramus had the knowledge of coming Messiah from pre-diluvian history and records concerning the promise of a future Savior (Gen. 3:15).
When God confused their languages and scattered them from there over all the earth, they also carried this idolatrous ‘mother-child’ cult along with them. From Babylon it spread to Phoenicia under the name of Ashteroth and Tammuz’ and ‘Ashteroth and Baal’. From Phoenicia it traveled to Pergamos (Asia Minor) and in Egypt the “mother child” cult was known as Isis and Horus. In Greece it become Aphrodite and Eros. In Rome this pair was worshiped as Venus and Cupid. In Arabia they were given Names “Naila and Asaf”. In India, the cult was and still is known as “Deveki and Krishna”.

The common thing was a “woman with a child” whatsoever their names were. This “woman” was also a harlot and was also called as the “great mother” all over the world. This Babylonian religion was wide spread and had many “mysteries” (the education of this cult system was divided in many portions or sections, these portions were called as ‘mysteries’). In this cult system “Sun” was considered as “god” that gave warmth and helped corps grow. To consider Nimrod as “sun-god” was a major “mystery” among the other mysteries of this cult religion. That is why the worship of sun considering Nimrod as ‘sun-god’ was a major sacrament of this mysterious idolatrous, cult system. Today Hindus (Indians) still worship sun as their ‘god’ and they believe that Rama was an offspring of ‘sun-god’ and in Hinduism the most honourable caste is ‘Surevanshan’ meaning the progeny of sun-god. In spite of this all, sun-worship can also be seen in the Bible in 2-Kings chapter-23.
About 2000 B.C. God called Abraham away from all this ( see Joshua 24/2-3 ) and led him in the promised land. But by the ninth century B.C. Israel had returned to this devil worship under the influence of wicked Jezebel (see 1-King 16/30-33). At this time the cult was worshiped under the name of Baal.
Among prophets Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel warned against this hellish thing but the people always responded as “We will not listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord. We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven” (Jeremiah 44/16-17).
Prophet Jeremiah tells us their condition “The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the Queen of Heaven” (Jermiah 7/18). Here the same “great mother” was given a new name “Queen of Heaven”. In New Testament apostle John also warned against this idolatrous cult system in the book of Revelation. Chapter-17 as “One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me. ‘Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters. I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast she had a golden cup in her hand. This title was written on her forehead:

Babylon the great
The mother of prostitutes
And of the abominations of the Earth

I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Y’Shua (Jesus). (Rev 17: 1-6).

The spirit of Semiramus was continuously working. In the days of Ahab, the spirit was manifest in wicked Jezebel, Ahab’s wife (a harlot or a prostitute) and after her death, the place where her blood was washed away the prostitutes used to wash themselves there. That is why Lord Y’Shua (Lord’s original Hebrew name) revealed her entrance in the church in Thyatira in Revelation Chapter-2 Verse
20. Jezebel in Chapter-2 is a metaphoric representation of ancient mysterious cult originated at the tower of Babel. As Jezebel in the time of Elijah massacred many prophets of God, in this way she was one “drunk with the blood” of God’s people. That in why in Chapter-2 (Verse-20) and Chapter-17 of the book of Revelation show Jezebel and Babylon the Great as idolatrous woman and the mother of prostitutes of this earth respectively that can be seen as the ‘World Church’ now a days.

As narrated above ‘sun-god’ had central position in this cult system, so the most attractive and important festival of this cult religion was the celebration of the birthday of sun-god. It was imagined that Nimrod after his death became sun-god and the birth of Tammuz was the rebirth of Nimrod as ‘sun-god’. ‘sun-god’ was born in the intense cold season to give warmth. The celebration of this festival was widespread and honourably performed and many ritual observances were also offered in which sexual intercourse and kissing under trees and to have lot of ‘fun’ was a major part. That is why God forbade his people not to follow their ways of idolatry and adultery.
When this ‘mother-child’ cult became widespread from the tower of Babel, as narrated above, this cult got different identities and names in different countries and among different nations. In Rome this cult was known as ‘Venus and Cupid’ (in Ephesus goddess Diana (Artemis) was another name of their great mother).

Now the time had come that the promised Mashiach may step-in and save the mankind, then again on His birth, Satan conspired to try his best to kill the Gods anointed one i.e. Ha Mashiach Y’shua by killing all the babies through Herod, just like Pharaoh attempted to kill Moses. God saved His beloved son, and satanic conspiracy to destroy the salvific program of YHWH was again defeated. Y’Shua grew up as a perfect Jew being unblemished. He preached about kingdom of Heaven, healed the sick, raised the dead, casted out demons, and evangelized the poor. He performed the wonders and every time defeated this enemy, Satan. No doubt, He was tempted and opposed by the religious leaders. He had also to face many problems. He was the fulfilment of all the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.
When He entered Jerusalem riding a young donkey, the spirit of the Hebrew nation was calling, shouting, praying and requesting Him, using the Psalmist word. “Hosanna” … “Hoshia-na”, “O Lord save us, save us” Praise the Lord, He did save them and us too.
Halle Lu Yah:

It was His Heavenly Father’s will to save the mankind. In response. He says “sacrifice and offering you did not desire but a body you prepared for me Then I said, ‘Here I am I have come to do your will O’ God.” (Heb. 10:5-7).
Y’Shua fulfilled His Father’s will on the cross. Satan hurdled Him so that He might not reach the Calvary and prepare Salvation for all the mankind through His sacrifice on cross. Halle-Lu-Yah. He triumphed cross (Colossians 2:15) and crushed the head of the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan with His feet Halle-Lu-Yah-Shua. Y’shua became the mediator between man and God. A sinful man is no longer a sinful through Y’Shua Ha-Mashiach. Everyone who believes in His precious Name Y’Shua is saved. He was buried and in spirit He preached in Sheol and “led captives in His train and gave gifts to men” (Eph 4:7-10). He resurrected after three days and nights. He conquered grave and death and was seen to His disciples and was ascended to heaven in full view of his disciples and seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high. Having ascended to heavens He poured out the Holy Spirit, the spirit of YHWH-SHUA on Pentecost (Acts Ch:2) and thus the Church, was born.

‘Conspiracy’ was badly knocked down. Y’Shua HaMashiach built His church upon Himself, which was empowered by the Holy Spirit. The movement of Holy Spirit caused many to repent and turned many of them to God. Sick were healed, dead were raised, demons were casted out, the spirit of Y’Shua was still working in the Church performing miracles through His vessels, the apostles, and sinful man was reconciled with God through the Church of Christ Y’Shua.
Satan in rage persecuted the church through Roman Empire for nearly three hundred years. Ancient conspiracy was hot to annoy the vessels of God. The believers were casted before lions, some were burnt and others were massacred. For three hundred years Church was persecuted by the pagan Roman Empire conspired by Satan but Church never loosed her faith. Holy Spirit was still doing wonders in the Church.

Conspiracy changed its tactics. Roman wolves became ‘sheeps’ and entered into the true church. Constantine made a false statement that he saw a blue flag in the heaven with the sign of cross with this voice “In Hoc signo Vinces” i.e. “conquer in this sign” and then making cross on their swords the Roman army won that battle. Constantine along with his army were baptized and got entrance in the church. Persecution stopped. Christianity was announced official religion of Rome. Jezebel entered in the church through Romans worshiping then the ‘mother-child’ cult in the name of Venus and Cupid, false education also crept-in. All the ‘mysteries’ of above narrated cult were also transferred. The festival celebrated as the birth-day of sun-god was introduced as the birth-day of Christ on the same day and according to the Gregorian calendar the date was fixed 25th December. Afterwards, a new name was also created as “Christmas” of this christianized pagan festival. Church was conspired to be given new form by replacing Holy Spirit with human thoughts, Jewish pastors with Roman Bishops, Center of church from Jerusalem to Rome, Apostleship with Papacy. Ancient cult system of Babel disguised itself as Christianity. Wolves became sheep. A mixture of Babylonian cult and Christianity was prepared. Then the age of Thyatira began. In this way, the Roman Catholic Church came into being.
All the mysteries of this cult religion were transferred as sacraments into the church. Similarly all the festivals of Babylonian cult system were also transferred and given new names in this new so called Christianity. Christmas is the result of all this.


There may arise a possible objection from your side “it is true that Christmas is not found in the Bible but what is wrong if we do celebrate it only as the birth day of Christ very reverently and with sincere heart.” Dear, brother why we to celebrate our Lord’s are birth day with a pagan deity? Why do you celebrate it on 25th December? Why are you to celebrate His birthday on any date if He himself had not commanded?
(Let us see first whether Bible permits us to celebrate birthday “whether of ours or of Lord’s?”)
Let us see in the Bible, Prophet Jeremiah says “Cursed be the day I was born! May the day my mother bore me not be blessed!” (Jeremiah 20:14) Further we see Job cursing his birthday by these words “After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth. He said “May the day of my birth perish and the night it was said! A boy is born!” (Job 3: 1-3).

Why was the birthday cursed by these men of God in the Bible? It was because birthday is the first day of sinful life of every human being and the beginning of life full of sorrow and failures.
In other words ‘birthday’ is the first day of going into the slavery of sin and sorrows. God said to Moses “this is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come, you shall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord-a lasting ordinance”. (Ex. 12:14). That was the day of deliverance from the bondage of Egypt, to be celebrated and not to celebrate the day when they were made slaves.
Exactly, birthday is the day of going in the bondage of sin and sorrow while the day of deliverance from the sinful life and Satan by accepting Adonai Y’Shua Ha Mashiach as our personal savior is the real day of our celebration.

Who did celebrate their birthdays in the Bible?

The answer is
1. Pharaoh (Gen. 40:20)
2. Herod (Matt. 14:6-7)

We see only two persons in the Bible celebrating their birthdays while two persons are seen cursing their birthdays. Celebrating persons were of Satanic characters while curing persons were the men of God. Now, you may argue that Y’Shua (Jesus) was without sin, so He was able to commemorate His day of birth; but Sorry Sir! Y’Shua was born to a virgin and under the Law. Being perfect Jew He would not follow the ways of persons of satanic characteristics.
Secondly, nowhere in four Gospels we see our Lord celebrating His birthday or a feast where disciples were singing for Him “happy birthday Lord Jesus”. If there was any such observance or feast then the disciples of Y’Shua might have narrated it in their writings. Even early history of the church also denies any such feast or observance concerning the birthday of Christ. From Matthew to the Revelation, there is found not a word even a single iota concerning the celebration of the birthday of our Lord. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, Jude and James, no one has written any thing which proves that the observance or celebration of any festival concerning the day of birth of Christ whether on 25th December or any other day is essential part of Christian Faith- “the Faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints”. (Jude Verse: 3).

Many Catholic brothers have attempted to prove that Christ was born on 25th December but they also admit that December was tenth month in the beginning. Later on, two months July and August were added in the calendar thus December became Twelfth month. Using chronology and the knowledge of different calendars they try to persuade that Christ was born on 25th of December. They also admit that the early Church did not celebrate Christmas and to press on their point say that due to Roman persecution, church could not celebrate Christ’s birthday.
They themselves admit that early Church had no such festival and also admit that the church was persecuted by the Romans and also admit that December was tenth month (word December meaning 10th). Which is now September – October.

Dear brothers in Christ! Should be admit the claim of Romans who tortured the believers, who persecuted them by throwing them into fire and before lions? Should we not follow the teachings of Lords disciples? Would Romans who never saw or knew Y’Shua tell us the date of birth of our Lord? Lord’s disciples who knew and saw Him never tried to examine or tell us, His date of birth? How can we admit that God spoke to Constantine? Would Y’Shua speak to an idolatrous person? No doubt Cornelius was also a Roman, but Bible proves him righteous. Constantine’s Statement was a big fraud. Would Y’Shua teach to shed human blood and then conquer? No! He is merciful Lord who said to one of His disciples “put your sword back in its place for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (Mathew 26:52).

Further, it is admitted fact that December was tenth month which is now September – October. If an event happens in tenth month, that will remain in the tenth month. Shifting of month will not shift the event. So, it is clear by themselves that Jesus was born in December which was then tenth month. Later on 12th month was given name December and ‘September – October’ became 10th month. It means, Christ’s birth is expected in 10th month i.e. September-October, and not in now-December. In this way 25th December is not the actual date of birth of our Lord.


About Year: A well known Jewish historian Josephus tells us that there took place lunar eclipse some days after Herod’s death. He further tells us that Herod died before the Passover. The lunar eclipse took place on 13th of March 4.B.C and Herod was alive when Christ was born. It means that Christ was born in or before 4.B.C.

Further, Luke tells us that our Lord began His ministry in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1.21, 23) and He was of thirty years. If we consider year 28 A.D. for the fifteenth year of Tiberious’ reign then Christ’s birth is expected to be in 2 or 3 B.C. (In fact, Tiberius Caesar did not begin his reign in 12 A.D. and 15 years of his reign means, he had reigned for 14 years and it was fifteenth year. That is why fifteenth year of his reign indicates 26 A.D.). It means when Christ began His ministry it was 26 A.D. and as His age was 30 years then His birth is expected between 5-4 B.C. There are many other historical records that prove this point.


There is no proof that Christ was born in 12th month (i.e. now December). There are many proofs to prove this. There are two things to know in detail in knowing the exact month of Christ’s birth.

(1) Biblical Calendar
(2) 24 Divisions of priests in Bible.


(A) Biblical month commenced with seeing moon i.e. Lunar months. Lunar month has 29½ days. That is one month of 29 days other of 30 days.

(B) Common year consist of 12 months having 354 days (29 X 12 = 354)

(C) Biblical leap year adds a thirteenth (13th) month on the third year of 12 days equating lunar year with solar year.


(a) In 1-Chronicles 24: 7 – 18 there are found twenty- four divisions with names of priests. Thousands of priests in Israel were divided among these divisions and in each division again there were a large number of priests present to minister in the temple any time. There was always present only one group in Jerusalem. Verse: 19 also tell us that every division performed its duty according to the order in Jerusalem.

(b) Every division performed its duty in Jerusalem for two weeks not the successive weeks. So every division has to visit Jerusalem twice in a year.

(c) Their annual program started from 1st of seventh month (Rosh Hashanah). First division started its duty. It was the first stay of civil year. Program did not start from that day because it was the first day of civil year and feast of trumpets. Lords Calendars was so arranged that every division ended and started its duty on the same day.

(d) All the priests of a division performed their duties together on the additional days (days of major feasts). The divisions performed their duties only for 48 weeks in the temple.

Now by the help of the following table we can easily find the duration of duties of each division.

Div Day/Month To Day/Month

1. /7 Athanim 7/7
2. 8/7 (Tishri) 14/7

All 15/7 Sept. /Oct. 22/7 Feast of Tabernacle

3. 23/7 29/7
4. 30/7 6/8
5. 7/8 BOL 13/8
6. 14/8 Heshvan 20/8
7. 21/8 Oct. / Nov. 27/8
8. 28/8 (Abijah) 5/9
9. 6/9 Kislev 12/9
10. 13/9 Nov. /Dec. 19/9
11. 20/9 26/9
12. 27/9 3/10
13. 4/10 Tabeth 10/10
14. 11/10 Dec. /Jan. 17/10
15. 18/10 24/10
16. 25/10 2/11
17. 3/11 Shebat 9/11
18. 10/11 Jan. / Feb. 16/11
19. 17/11 23/11
20. 24/11 30/11
21. 1/12 Adar 7/12
22. 8/12 Feb. /March 14/12
23. 15/12 21/12
24. 22/12 28/12
1. 29/12 6/1
2. 7/1 Nisan (Abib) 13/1

All 14/1 March/April 21/1 (Peshach)

3. 22/1 28/1
4. 29/1 5/2
5. 6/2 Iyyar (Zev) 13/2
6. 14/2 April/May 20/2
7. 21/2 27/2
8. 28/2 Abijah 5/3

All 6/3 Sivan Pentecost

9. 7/3 May/June 13/3
10. 14/3 20/3
11 21/3 27/3
12. 28/3 4/4
13. 5/4 Tammuz 11/4
14. 12/4 June/July 18/4
15. 19/4 25/4
16. 26/4 3/5
17. 4/5 Ab-Menaham 10/5
18. 11/5 July/August 17/5
19. 18/5 24/5
20. 25/5 1/6
21. 2/6 Elul (Marhashvan) 8/6
22. 9/6 Aug./Sept. 15/6
23. 16/6 22/6
24. 23/6 29/6

The way to study the chart is so, 24, 23/6, 29/6 means that the division 24 performed its duty from 23rd of 6th months up to 29th of 6th month.


We can use the explanations in Luke Chapter one about the division of Abijah in this chart. Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, belonged to the priestly division of Abijah and was performing his duty in Jerusalem when Gabriel appeared to him (Luke 1/58) and according to Chronicles 24/10, the division of Abijah, was 8th division. We can check the Abijah’s division’s weeks in the chart. They are 28/8 – 5/9 and 28/2 – 5/3. Zachariah was performing his duties in one of these two weeks. Second week was bringing Israel to the Pentecost. God choosed this week to announce the birth of John who was sent “before Him” who was going to “baptize His people in Fire and Holy Spirit” (on Pentecost). Zechariah did not return home because he along with other groups had to perform duties on “Pentecost”. After the feast of Pentecost, he returned home, and then Elizabeth became pregnant. It proves that Elizabeth became pregnant during or at the end of third month. And we see that when Mary was pregnant Elizabeth was in sixth month of her pregnancy.

In this way, it can easily be seen that Mary, our Lord’s mother became pregnant at the end of ninth or at the beginning of tenth month, that is, at the end of month of Kislev or in beginning of Tabeth. Nine months after Tabeth is Tishri the month in which Christ was born.
There are also many other proofs that prove that Christ was born in the middle of the month Tishri during the feast of Tabernacles. Jewish scholars also believe that Adam was created in the month of Tishri, so son of Adam (Mashiach) would certainly come in the month of Tishri, which is in our Calendar mid September – mid October but not December. In this way to celebrate 25th December is a foolish thing (Act). (This fact can also be proved by calculating 70 weeks of Daniel).

The purpose of giving details about 24 divisions of priests is only to prove that Christ was not born on 25th December.

Dear brethren, we are not concerned at all with whether Christ was born in September – October or December, but to the fact that Bible has not commended to celebrate the birthday of Christ on any date.
Paul forbade “you are observing special days, and months and seasons and years! I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you”.
(Gal. 4:10-11).

Paul condemns observing any special day, month or year. This is a foolish and wrong argument that the early believers due to Roman persecution did not observe the Christ’s birthday. If “Christmas” or any other feast relating the birthday of Christ was given to the disciples by Lord Y’Shua (Jesus) Himself or had been an essential part of Christian faith, the apostles might have preached or wrote it in their epistles. When Paul preached about baptism of water and Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, church education, about ministries, tongues, about Christ’s supper, matrimonial relations, coming world wide Rapture of the Church, about great tribulation (seven years of wrath of God upon earth), about coming world dictator (Anti Christ the beast) and his rule and currency, about world church (great Harlot, sitting upon many waters), he was able to teach about the birthday of Christ. Why did he not tell us about his saviour’s birthday? Why did Holy Spirit not force him to write about celebrating Christ’s birthday? We do not find Paul or any other apostle observing such feast or ceremony. Apostles having known Y’Shua, could not tell us about Christ’s birthday, then, how could pagan Roman know our saviour’s date of birth who had no concern with Him? Would a Roman tell us that Christ was born on 25th December? Was Paul or my other true apostle not in such position?

To conclude, dear brother, Christmas or any feast relating the birthday of Christ was or is not the part of Christian faith “once for all entrusted to the saints” but has its roots in the tower of Babel. Do reject it?

To be continued…(Part 2)


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