Desperation and the Bible

Have you ever felt so desperate that the only thing you want to do is give up? What have you done when you felt that way? Who did you turn to? David is one of the most prominent writers in the Bible. In some of his writings in the book of Psalms we see his feelings and emotions reflected. If he felt joy, he wrote about it, if he felt sad or desperate he would also write that. Despite being the King of Israel, David went through many things in his emotional life.

There came a time when David felt desperate and said: Why do you dishearten and why are you upset inside me? Psalm 42:1. Proverbs 13:12 says that hope that is delayed is the torment of the heart. When we start to look upon hope we start to wonder why it is taking so long to arrive.

And we begin to get desperate, we concentrate on the circumstances and the problems of life and when we do not see hope we start to question things. Where is God? Why has this happened to me? And we find ourselves trapped by desperation and doubt. Some people even contemplate suicide, but that is not the way out. Why die without Christ in your life?

Yahushua is the only hope that we have to not feel desperate. In the Bible we find various examples of people that lived in desperation but of special note is a blind man who screamed to the Son of David, have mercy on me, when Yahushua was passing through the streets. The screams of that man were screams of desperation, he was pleading for help and he knew his only hope was passing in front of him.

The Bible story tells us that immediately Yahushua asks for him and asks “What do you want me to do? And the blind man responded, I want my eyes opened, then Yahushua touched him and the blind man regained his sight. There was confidence in Yahushua as a source of Hope and the adverse situation he was living. There was another case of a woman who lived with blood flow for many years and spent all her money on doctors. Her situation was desperate, and in her mind she might have thought that dying was a better choice.

But Yahushua was passing near her house and she dragged herself past the crowds and wanted only to touch the edge of his shroud. Her only hope was now in front of her and she did not want to let the opportunity pass, so she did whatever she could to touch Yahushua’ robe. That woman was healed instantly by the faith she placed on Yahushua. When we put our trust in the only true source of hope we see favourable results.

I do not think there is anyone in this world who has not felt desperate for something. Desperation is a feeling that affects our soul and our entire being. So, what do we do when we feel desperate? Give your life to Yahushua because he is the source of all hope. He is knocking on the door to your heart and the only thing you have to do is let him in. In John 1:12 he says, yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

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