Many are of the notion that born and bred in a Christian home warrants them salvation. After all they say ‘I still go to church as a kid till now’. But knowing Yahushua and accepting Yahushua are two different things just like partially and fully giving yourself to Christ.
You might unknown to you only partially given your life to Yahushua.

There was a man who heard about the wonderful things Yahushua does when one invites Him in his/her house, so he went in search for Yahushua and eventually invited him into his house.

This man has numerous encounters with robbers, but now that Yahushua is in he is assured of absolute security. He gave him a room in his upper floor. That morning robbers came and robbed the man again and bolted away with most of his valuables, the man woke up early very angry and disappointed and so confronted Yahushua, because with Yahushua in any part of his house he thought would end his ordeal with robbers, so he questioned Yahushua when it wasn’t so and Yahushua replied you just gave me a small room in the upper floor, that’s the floor the robbers didn’t stole from. Yahushua continued I don’t have authority over what you’ve not given me charge over, the man then hands over the whole upper floors keys to Yahushua. And the same repeated except for the whole of the upper floor. The man got furious than ever because Yahushua was right there in the house when the robbery was going on, he angrily handed over the keys to Yahushua and said I have from now given the whole house in your care, that dawn the robbers came but this time found it difficult opening the house to rob or even breaking in, while they were wondering how come its difficult breaking in when one of them saw an inscription that read THIS HOUSE BELONGS TO YAHUSHUA and shouted this is not the house let’s look elsewhere for the house we usually rob has no such inscription and moreover we easily enter that house let’s go they said. They went in search of other places.

The robbers are the devil and his demons that come to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10

This shows us clearly that you might have invited Yahushua in your house (in your life) but you have given him a small room in your house (in your life). This is the time you have to give your life to Yahushua fully and not partially. Surrender your main gate keys to Yahushua, (body, soul and spirit) surrender all your life to Yahushua and not a portion of it.

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