Talking About God

“Teach your children to love the Lord. Talk about Him at home and when you travel. Let His words guide your work and your thoughts” Deuteronomy 6:7-8 (The Easy English Clear Word).

These two verses advise us to allow God into every part of our lives: Our parenting, our homes, our travels, our work, and even our very thoughts. That’s because following God is pervasive. When done wholeheartedly, it enters into every facet of our lives, not only permeating our thoughts, but also reflecting in our words and actions.

If we fully turn our lives over to God, if we fully surrender to Him, there isn’t a single part of us that won’t be changed, not one part of our lives that won’t be totally transformed by God living within us; He becomes a part of who we are; He digs deep into our hearts and minds, transforming everything we come into contact with. We talk about it with our children, we talk about it in our homes, we talk about it when we travel, and we let God guide us in everything we do and in everything we think.

What a wonderful way to live: Teaching our children about God, talking to others about God, and allowing God to guide us in everything we do.


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