Many times, the way we start our day will determine what kind of day we are going to have. If we start the day in a hurry rushing around stressed out, very often that whole day we’ll be uptight and on edge. If we start the day off focused on our problems, complaining, dwelling on what’s wrong, most likely, we’ll go through the day negative, discouraged with not joy.

It’s what we do right at the very beginning of the day that sets the tone for the entire day. If we are going to be our best and really live each day to the full we need to get into the habit of giving the first part of our day to God. Before the stress and busyness comes, before you read the newspaper, before you think about all you have to do, you need to have a time to get quiet and spend a few minutes thanking God for His goodness, reading the Scriptures meditating on His promises speaking words of victory over your life. When you do this you are building up your inner man.

Just like the physical body gets refreshed and restored when you sleep at night, when you get up in the morning you need to get your inner man refreshed and refueled. The way you do this is by spending time with God.

Sometimes we’ll take 45 minutes to get our outer man ready, getting dressed, taking a shower, ladies putting on make-up, but we don’t take any time to get our inner man prepared for the day. Then we wonder why we get stressed out so easily, why we don’t have any energy, why we can’t overcome bad habits. It’s because we are not taking time to keep our inner man strong.

When you honour God by getting quiet in the morning, telling Him how much you love Him, and you thank Him for all that He’s done, not only is your inner man going to be stronger, but God will cause you to have a more productive day. You’ll get more done, you’ll be more creative, and you’ll get better breaks, all because you gave God the first part of your day.

Some people prefer to study the scriptures and have quiet time in the evenings, of course that’s fine, but be encouraged to take at least a few minutes every morning, just before you leave the house, to say “God I love you, I need you, thank you for this day.” When you do that you’re a sowing a seed for the whole day to go better. There’s something special about the morning, David said “early in the morning my song will rise to you.”
You may say you are so busy in the mornings, that you don’t have time to get quiet. Really, you are doing yourself a disservice. You need to take time to feed your inner man every day.

It’s true you wake up sometimes very lazy, without much enthusiasm. But do not give in to the negative promptings and thoughts. You’ve got to get to your quiet place and get your inner man fed. Get up! Shake off the sleep, brush your teeth, and take a cold bath if you have to. Spend time with the Master! And you’ll notice that enthusiasm for the day will come flooding back.


The way to have Christ living in you is to have His Word in you. The first discipline in which you will become proficient is spending time with the master by having a quiet time. The Word is food for you. You cannot grow unless you regularly partake of the Word. One way you can know Christ’s teaching is through the habit of daily Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. No substitute exists for a quiet time!


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