“The Father Says”

The Father say today do not run from the crisis before you. Crisis leads to promotion and elevation. Those things, situations and circumstances that threaten to take you down are in fact causing you to rise up in the power of My might that you might surmount every obstacle and fulfill your ordained purpose. Your challenge and the crisis you face today attract My power and My strength to you. My grace and My power is sufficient for you and perfected in you even under the greatest pressures.
Do not allow your prevailing situation to be an obstacle for your faith. Everything – even the plans and strategies of the enemy are leading to a manifestation of My majesty and greatness in your life. This is where My sovereignty and providence come together in a synthesis of breakthrough. You are not going to have time to be intimidated by the enemy – rather be raptured by the greatness and mystery of how I am going to break through at the proper moment and establish you in an unimpeachable victory.


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