God has given to each one of us a measure of faith. If we go on confessing with our mouth, God gives growth to our faith and our faith becomes stronger. This is a long process. What we need to do is, keep on reading the Word and also confessing the Word. We may not see any evidence with our physical eyes but it does grow day by day and becomes stronger day by day. Over and above Holy Spirit is in us which assists in the process.The devil may come to your carnal mind, and try to create big mountain of fear and it may look impossible but that mountain you see is being destroyed from the inside. And that is because of our strong faith. Our spiritual Father Abraham achieved God given promise that he would become Father of many nation and this what we are. We are his children by faith. And we are going to achieve God’s promises for our lives by our faith.
Our faith is destroying the mountain on the inside but we may still see our situation on the outside. What we are looking at is the shell that will soon fall. The Word of God and our faith will eat up the circumstance from the root, it may have looked the same but the work was in progress. We have got to keep on speaking our faith; it is that conquering power that brings our situation our circumstances to its knees. This faith is confidence in God’s Word, its biblical and supernatural. Remember faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence not yet seen. Faith is the warranty deal, the evidence of what you hoped for is the evidence in the spiritual realm. We cannot see the spiritual evidence but it is real, the biblical faith can produce supernatural results. It takes that unseen hope and brings it to manifestation, into reality. Hallelu’YAH.


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