Do We Live in an Age of Miracles?

Our God is one of miracles–yesterday, today, and forever.

The Bible contains incredible stories of miracles and divine interventions. Moses parted the sea. Peter healed a man lame from his mother’s womb. Yahushua walked on water, drove demons out of people, and raised others from the dead. But are these types of events still happening today? Some people say the age of miracles has ended, but I beg to differ.

Being a curious journalist, I frequently ask people I meet, Have you ever witnessed or experienced a miracle or a divine intervention?

Nearly everyone I ask has a story about something that happened to them that defied natural explanation, something they consider miraculous. It could be a near-death experience, a close call where they should’ve been killed, a dramatic healing, or an answered prayer that gave them the help they needed at just the right time. Some people’s entire lives seem to be one long sequence of divine interventions and miracles.

Yet for others, these types of occurrences seem to be totally outside their experience. I wonder why that is. Maybe they don’t recognize a miracle when they see one? Maybe they just haven’t experienced one yet, but their time will come? Whatever the reason, for some people divine interventions are outside their world altogether. When I asked one friend if he’d ever experienced a miracle, he responded that he never had—and even questioned the very existence of miracles.

After all, he reasoned, if the miracles like the ones in the Bible are true, they’d still be happening today. How come I’ve never seen one?

A fair question, undoubtedly. It was this line of reasoning that became the very purpose that I started my radio program,

Divine Intervention, on which I interview intriguing people who’ve experienced God’s Hand in amazing ways. You see, in my experience, miracles and divine interventions like those recorded in the Bible are still happening—today! People just need to know about them.

During the short time I’ve walked this planet, I’ve been blessed to meet some very interesting people who have powerful miracle testimonies. I don’t believe these meetings were coincidences or chance encounters but rather divine appointments.

I don’t think it a coincidence, for example, that I’ve met three people who’ve been shot in the head and lived to tell about it. Nor do I think it accidental that I know three people who miraculously recovered from a coma and paralysis after doctors said they should be dead or, at best, “vegetables.” I don’t chalk up to serendipity the fact that a good friend and college classmate, who was born a paraplegic, miraculously got up out of his wheelchair and walked for the first time at age 7 after having been prayed for in the Name of Yahushua.

I’ve experienced God’s intervention in my own life many times, including two dramatic healings—one from a painful, chronic back condition and one from a grapefruit-sized cancerous tumor that threatened my life. I’ve met people who’ve experienced God’s intervention in all types of ways —not just through healings.

In fact, these experiences seem to be common in the lives of many who are sincere followers of Christ, no matter what denomination they are affiliated with. Their stories inspire hope and faith and need to be told. They are a testament to the fact that Yahushua is alive and still working among us every day–and sometimes using miracles. I’m continually awed by the incredibly passionate and generous people God has sent my way.

Daniel Fazzina


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