Loneliness is not been alone but the lack of the sense and feeling of been among or part of the world and the feeling we are less important in the world. We can be among several people and receiving several commendation and still been alone because sometimes loneliness can result when a particular person neglects us.
The power of loneliness is so strong because lonely people rarely seek for help or cry out loud, they just quietly suffer alone.

Most masturbation and immoralities that people find themselves into most times are because they are lonely inside. Most violence we see people commit is as a result of loneliness.

One thing you might want to note about lonely people is that they will always want to prove themselves and in their anxiety they spill the milk each time they do. Lonely people tend to answer questions no body ask them. They are quiet and laughs too loud, they sleep a lot, think a lot and easily assume they are not welcome in any place.
Some causes of loneliness are broken homes: when a young person lacks a father or mother figure in his or her life they tend to be lonely and this most times lead some girls into sleeping with aged men and makes the guys go into drugs and dating several girls at a time. These they do believing multi-dating and dating aged people will solve the problem of loneliness in their lives which wont but deepens their loneliness.

Racism/tribalism: when we are treated differently because of the colour of our skin, the social status of our parents and our tribe, it can make us really lonely inside.

Inferiority complex: those that have a low self image of themselves are most often lonely inside.

Unloved: those that grow with the sense that they are unloved and unappreciated will be lonely.

Not academically proficient: when we are below par in academics we often go in recluse and this leads to loneliness too.

Those that had been betrayed in their relationships: yes, those that felt jilted and betrayed suffer loneliness.

The only cure for loneliness is the knowledge that God loves you the way you are and appreciates your efforts though insignificant in the eyes of your fellow. That God is your Father and He cares for you. When you start feeling lonely always remember the words of Christ ‘I will not leave you (to be lonely); i will come to you. John 14:18
If your parents had left you as orphans or they no longer care, if the society thinks and treats you as if you don’t belong always remember that God won’t leave you desolate and alone, He will come to you.

God bless you.
Pastor Promise Ikpe


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