Now a days we see many Preachers are preaching Bible. We know Bible is a word of God. But what the Preacher preaches is important. The Word is correct but what about the interpretation? Does he handle correctly? If the Preacher is guided by the Spirit and also if the preacher is following the Spirit, his interpretation will be as per God’s will. But if the Preacher adds something of his own, then the Word which he preaches will be contaminated one. Such Word cannot be taken as good seed. And if we sow such bad seed, what will happen? The harvest will be also contaminated one. Therefore we cannot take everything what is preached but must test it on the bases of what is written in the Bible. For that reason, when we attend any meeting, we must carry our Bible.We who are guided by the Spirit should be always alert what we accept. If it is not according to the Word, we not only reject the preaching rightly but also be aware of the Preacher. Thus we will keep our lives uncorrupted and pleasing to God.

Therefore we who wants good crop must see that we sow good and positive seed in order to reap good and giant harvest. We cannot sow contaminated seed to harvest bad crop. A person can sow the positive seeds and care for it and become a giant in faith or the reverse can also be true, a person can sow the negative seeds and become fearful. We always see there comes a time that these seeds become developed to a time of harvest.
People say, “I do not understand why this has happened, that person was such a good Christian, Why did God allow that to happen?” The answer is simple; they have planted the wrong seeds. And that has ruined their lives.God has given us the liberty to choose. Therefore sow the good seed, positive seed and uncorrupted seed in order to reap good harvest, giant harvest and uncorrupted harvest.

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