When did a building become church?

1 Corinthians 12:27
Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

Church is the body of Christ, made up of people that fulfill God’s will and live to obey him. When I was a kid I always heard, “Are you ready to go to church?”. Many of us have heard this, yet we never truly understand that you can’t go to church, it’s impossible to do. You can go to a building and worship together, but you can’t go to church because it’s not a place. Many of us find ourselves in a situation where we have gotten caught up in the traditions of men, doing things that are not even in the Bible and yet calling them holy.

The Bible actually tells you how to conduct service in the book of Corinthians. There was never just one person that dominates the conversation leaving no members of the body to never speak, prophesy or interpret to edify the body of Christ. People were meant to function in their designed purpose not deny the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak by making one person dominant in the realm of the so called “church”. People speaking in tongues without an interpreter is completely spoken against yet occurs in so many church’s, the selling of goods, peddling the word of God, not teaching discipleship, still collecting the tithes, not putting sexual immoral brothers out from among you, conducting homosexual marriages now is completely outrageous, not feeding people right there in the church, an example Yahushua never set nor did the disciples and did the complete opposite multiple times by actually giving so that no one among them was without want, taking care of the orphans and widows among you. To get back to the building itself, Yahushua nor any disciple ever built a church building. You gotta be honest with yourself and admit there are no examples of Yahushua, the disciples or anyone else that followed Him to ever do this. Is there anything that occurs in the building people call church that is actually not biblical anymore other than may be singing?


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