What does the Future Hold?

Even a brief look at the news these days can prompt all kinds of worries and questions.

How contagious is the Ebola virus? What is the US doing to make sure that Ebola doesn’t spread? Will the Israeli -Palestinian conflict ever be resolved? What about ISIS? Will there ever be peace on earth? How long will the world live under threat of terrorism? Is there a one world ruler on the horizon?

What does the future hold for the various nations of the world? Can we know? Where do we as individuals fit in? Are these the last days?

What does the future hold?

The Old Testament prophet Amos wrote, “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). If this is true then God has already revealed to His people what the future holds. We’ve no need to worry or wonder, because He’s given us a sneak preview.

If you want to construct a building that will withstand hurricanes, earthquakes or any other epic event, you need to work with an architect whose expertise is in constructing that kind of building and follow his blueprints exactly, not taking any shortcuts.

God Himself is the one who has laid out the plans of history from the very beginning. He followed His plan exactly as He spoke light into darkness and created the heavens and the earth in an orderly fashion before placing all living things, including man and woman, on it. No short cuts were taken, close attention was paid to the minutest of all details.

He laid out history and gave us His blueprints for the future in the book of Daniel, a blueprint that takes us from the Babylonian Empire of Daniel’s time to the rule of God on earth—a kingdom that will never be destroyed. His kingdom will be established “in the days of those kings” (Daniel 2:44). What kings? Well, we don’t have room in this short post to explain all of the details, but a study of Daniel 2 shows that those kings represent kingdoms present when Yahushua returns.

Although we may not understand it all, Scripture declares that the dream in Daniel 2 is true and its interpretation is accurate. So we know that God’s kingdom will come, and by studying Daniel you can know what the world will be like just before that (Daniel 2:40-43).

When you understand the prophecies laid out in the book of Daniel, you discover that every other prophecy in the Bible fits somewhere into God’s blueprint. If you are familiar with history, it will be obvious to you that the event described here, the establishing of God’s kingdom, still lies in the future.

Could this take place in your lifetime?

One important question is, could all this take place in your lifetime? If so, would it make a difference in the way you are living—realizing that someday you will stand before the God of heaven? Wouldn’t it cause you to align yourself with the Word of God even though it might not be politically correct or even seem reasonable in this day and age? Wouldn’t it cause you to examine where you put your trust as circumstances change? And wouldn’t it cause you to evaluate the way you spend your time and resources?

Revelation 22:12 says that Yahushua returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, His reward will be with Him to give to “every man according to what he has done” (Revelation 22:12). What reward will you receive? What will he say to you?

Knowing what God says about the future will strengthen your faith and your questions will be replaced with trust in the One who holds the future in His hands. As a result you can fully live in the present with the future in mind!

Wrap Up

If you want to build a solid understanding of the future and know what will happen in the “end of the days,” you need to begin with the prophecies laid out in the book of Daniel. These prophecies give a clearer picture of the future than any other book of the Bible.

Many people are intimidated when they hear Daniel mentioned and say, “How can a person understand this book? It’s so confusing!” The problem is that many bring their own interpretation to this book, rather than allowing the interpretations given in the book to speak for themselves.

By simply observing the text carefully, without placing any of our interpretations on it, we can discover for ourselves what the future holds!


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