Satan, mermaid spirits and his demons are at work in the lives of many women in this present generation. Including those that call themselves believers, but are not, but only church goer’s and bench warmer. Whether or not they are aware of this, but as far as dressing is concerned. The devil wants to corrupt men and the human race; and one great weapon he uses is women and their dressing.

No wonder the world (which is ruled by Satan) has decided to call them fashion designers, because many of them design what satan and demons inspire and tell them to design. Just take time to consider how those Satan-inspired fashion designers. Some of them will make a long gown, but they will make its sleeves to be so short (and even sleeveless) so that the armpits will be the point of attraction and seduction.

Some other demons-prompted designers to make the blouse that has a good length of sleeve, but they will ‘cut’ the back or the front in such a way as to show their back, breasts, and breast cleavages. Because satan wants to seduce men through those exposed view which are seductive.

Others will make long skirts, but they will cut and divide the skirt at the back, by the side, or at the front, because the point of seduction is their laps. Then others will design and make short skirts and gowns which when the women wearing them sit down, people will see their laps and even underwear, because that is the heart and desire of the devil.

And others will not care and make mini-skirts, so that even if they are standing, people will be seeing their laps and what they call long legs. Do you know that many women (even believers) are serving the devil, even without their knowledge? And surely, serving the devil has rewards (or do I say punishments?)

Then Yahushua said to me, all these people brought up here are those that have been deceived by their pastors and ministers. Some were told that Hell is not real; some were told that God is not wicked enough to punish his people with fire – that God is loving, merciful and gracious forever. Some were told taking alcohol, or selling them is not a sin, and that the Bible says that one should take little and not get drunk. Some were told that smoking is not a sin and that it is good for keeping the body warm. And some were told that indecent dressing or dressing like the unbelievers is not a sin, that what matters is not how you dress but how your heart is with God.

Some preachers told their members that it doesn’t matter what you wear and come to church, whether your head is covered or not, or whatever – that the church is God’s property, operating now under grace and no more under the law – that these things are just law. But now is the time when all who will worship me, will worship in truth and in spirit (John 4:24).”4 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Then Yahushua asked me, “Do you know the denomination that has the highest number of people in Hell? I answered no. Then he continued, “The denomination that has the highest number of people in Hell is the Catholic Church. They profess that they are worshiping God, but they are not truly worshiping God. They are worshiping idols – they images they molded. They are bowing down to crafted images. They don’t know Me. They don’t know that I AM THE ONLY WAY TO MY FATHER (John 14:6) “Yahushua saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
They bow down to images of Virgin Mary and always ask her to pray for them. Son, can idols that have mouth but cannot talk pray for someone?” I said No. Then he said, “Those who bow down to idols have no part in me for no idolater will enter my kingdom”

When Yahushua had said all these things, he made a gesture with his hand as an order to take those people back into the pit, and they were pulled back in it. They wailed and screamed so much that the sound of their voice could cause damage to the eardrums. Then the tongue of fire that was burning above the pit was reduced and Yahushua asked me to look inside the pit because the fire became crystalline-like and I could see those who were inside the pit. When I looked into the pit, the number of people in it were like sand, innumerable. Then Yahushua ordered us (the angel and I) to follow him back into the room where the 12 angels were, and we followed.
We got to the room, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Yahushua said to me, “Son, your sins are forgiven. What I want you to do from now on are
Tell people about my coming back.

Warn them about the impending danger ahead.
Be obedient to me and don’t disobey me again.
Make sure you deliver my message EXACTLY as I gave it to you.
Avoid preachers and Christians who are not walking according to my pattern.
Be yourself. Don’t imitate anybody.
Don’t let what you have lost or what people are saying about you or what you are going through weigh you down.
Be courageous and faithful. I am coming back very soon.


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