More ways on How To Distinguish A Friend From A Foe And How To Handle Them

…Continued from yesterday

3. A friend influences you but a foe controls you

There is a difference between influence and control. A friend seeks to truly influence you positively, but a foe will attempt to control or manipulate you with his or her emotions.

When a friend sees a good book, he or she wants you to read it as well by all means. When he sets his eyes on some good information, he thinks of his friend. But a foe seeks to manipulate by telling some emotional stories from time to time to elicit some pity or some other favour from you.

4. A friend keeps in touch at all times, a foe only gets in touch when he or she wants something from you.

A friend is genuinely interested in you. He or she asks for your welfare truthfully and not with some hidden motives. A foe is deceptive and knows how to play his game. He will call you and feign some concern, he will tell you what you want to hear in order to get what he wants.

For example, if he is looking for some Jericho trap and he knows you have issues with esteem, he will call you and tell you how much he has missed you in the past few weeks. He will tell you he cannot wait to see you. He will tell you that his life has not been okay without you. He will tell you he wondered how your ex can be so foolish and stupid to let you go. He will tell you that you are too precious for people like your ex and that if you allow him, he will take care of you… all he wants is some fun, but he has his ways. That is a foe. A lady that calls you once in a blue moon to make demands is not a friend.

5. Friends gives, a foe demands and wants to get all the time

Another mark of friendship is that a friend wants to give. You don’t have to ask a friend before he or she gives. I remember vividly, when I was courting my wife, I never thought of getting anything from her, I just wanted to see how I can give her and I would be creative about it. I would buy her this special meat-pie she loves, write her poems and all that! A friend gives!

If somebody claims he or she loves you and never gives you anything, something is amiss somewhere. Conversely, if anybody claims he or she loves you and all he does is to ask and demand, something is wrong somewhere as well.

For God so loved…that He gave…

6. A friend is with you through thick and thin, a foe only shows up during the party!

A friend identifies with you, even when you are financially down. He or she seeks to help. A foe disappears when the music goes down and only shows up when the going seems good.

7. A friend is willing for you to obey God at all cost, a foe doesn’t mind you compromising to and violating your conscience in order to fulfill his or her lust at your expense.

A friend will not insist you compromise your virtue. A friend will not try to ‘preach’ to you in order to have his way. He will be willing to wait if he is a genuine friend. A foe is not willing to wait. He will want to have his way and then probably leave you afterwards.

8. A friend is there with you for the long haul, but a foe is there for as long as he or she get what he wants!

A foe is as available as long as he keeps getting fulfilled with the reason he or she latched at you in the first place.

9. A friend owns up when there is a mistake, but a foe tries to set you up.

When you genuinely make a mistake, a friend tells you that it is our fault and makes sure not to repeat it again. A foe can do two things, He can tell you it is our fault only to come and do the same thing the next day. He can also have a way of telling you that you are the Jezebel or the seducer, but then will not let you go. He or she keeps blaming you for the nemesis in his life but then will be back on your bed the following day. That is not a friend; he or she is a friend playing on your intelligence!

10. A friend will always be patient with you, but a foe threatens you all the time he or she will leave you.

If anybody threatens you he or she will go, let him go! His name is Abednego! If the wrong person doesn’t go, the right one will not show up! Brace up yourself and refuse to turn yourself into some sexual toy in a relationship! Follow God and He will establish you!

I am going to stop here this morning. I pray that God will open your eyes to see and to know who a true friend is. May God supernaturally disconnect you from foes who pose as friends!

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I will not be confused again. I will know by the Spirit of God

Open my eyes to see my trie friends

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. (Proverbs 18:24 Message)

Write down the names of your true friends


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