For every well meaning Christian out there that truly wants to make it into heaven we must understand what grace is. In the past I may not have articulated it well but I will attempt to explain this grace topic one more time as it has been revealed to me. I know it is such a controversial topic and it has been one of the things the devil uses to to fight Christians and cause division. So, please keep an open mind as I try to let the Holy Spirit explain this to us one more time. Everything in this writing has a scriptural backing but I left them out so as not to make this a long write-up although I think I won’t succeed. Please message me privately if you want to know which verses support the various sections discussed.

Ready? Here we go…

If you are not a jew then you are what is considered a gentile. Jesus Christ came as a promise to the Jews and through them salvation came into the world, to be first offered to them then to the rest of the world (Gentiles). Throughout the history of Jews there were things they were instructed and commanded to do that were handed down to them from generation to generation. God chose them as His own because of one single man called Abraham. To these Jews, keeping the laws of Moses was one of the things they were known for. Eventually the promise of a messiah came in the person of Jesus, but they rejected Him. While they were busy rejecting Him, we the Gentiles were freely being offered the same chance at salvation as they were. That is why Paul said that salvation is free. It was not by our works that God decided to include us in His plan for salvation and we are not bound by the same laws that were given to the Jews for we are not Jews.

Let’s think of grace as an application and qualification process to receive salvation, but a process that is completely free for the Gentiles and all we have to do is accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and boom, we are saved. Now let’s say that once you are saved you are handed a “saved card” or “salvation card” and this card is what you have to present at the gates of heaven in order to gain admittance.

So far we have established that we as Gentiles got the saved card for free because of grace. Now imagine that for every good works you then do, there is a sticker added to your card so that when you finally get to the gates of heaven they tally all that “works stickers” to determine the reward to give you. More works, more stickers, more reward but mind you, they will scrutinize the validity of the stickers to see which ones are real and which ones are fake.

Now if after I receive my salvation card (free of charge) I don’t do any good works but I manage to avoid “swimming with the sharks” and losing my card, then at the gates of heaven I will still be let in because my entering into heaven is based on me having kept my card safely with or without stickers. My lack of works will just mean that I won’t be rewarded as much as the other guys who came there filled with works they had done as co-laborers in the field with Christ.

Now also imagine that you have your salvation card but you go swimming with the sharks, start committing various sins completely disregarding everything that God has done for you, disregarding the suffering He went through to get you this salvation card. You may or may not even realize that you have lost your card while swimming with the sharks. Eventually you get to the gates of heaven and while you don’t have the card on you, you expect that because you once had it they should have a record of it and let you in. You will be disappointed when they don’t let you in and even punish you for misusing the opportunity you had.

The race we are running ends when we gain admittance into heaven, it does not end when we receive the salvation card free of charge, unless you receive it at the point of death.

This is the reason why Christians have to hold on to this grace card as tightly as possible fighting off the enemy until the end. We should also know that this grace card comes with free lessons from the Holy Spirit on how to defeat the devil. If we are serious about these lessons, learning as much as possible from the Holy Spirit, then one of the things we will learn is that if when fighting the devil he mistakenly knocks us down, we need to quickly get up and keep fighting. The Holy Spirit will teach us some good fighting skills and moves that is sure to defeat the devil as long as we don’t surrender, for the devil wants us to surrender so that He can collect our grace card and leave us dejected and lost. The worst ‘permanent’ thing that can happen to any of us is to get to the gates of heaven without our salvation ticket or grace card.

A person that gets his grace ticket at the point of death goes in. That is what grace is. It’s a message that is too good to be true. When we receive it, we must guard it with all our might for there is an enemy out there whose sole goal is to prevent us from resting in The Lord.

Jesus, Paul and every other gospel writer pleads with us about the need to hold on to our salvation till the end. I talk to people everyday that are under the influence of the devil but they are under the illusion that because they have once accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior they have secured their place in heaven even though they are committing some of the most heinous sins ever. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong but I would hate to be them if they find out at the gates of heaven that they are wrong. When we are “truly saved” the Holy Spirit will begin His work in us transforming us from the inside out so that sin will no longer hold us captive. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us how to fight off the devil for we cannot do it ourselves.

Therefore, every well meaning Christian should in addition to being saved, take lessons from the Holy Spirit on how to be victorious. And if you don’t want to be a toilet cleaner in heaven for eternity then you need to let Jesus help you rack up some brownie points for we are called to work with Him as co-laborers. Regardless, I would rather be a toilet cleaner in heaven than a general in hell, so first things first, I must be victorious.

God bless


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