A Heart Overflowing with Compassion

“When the Lord saw her, his heart overflowed with compassion. ‘Don’t cry!’ he said” Luke 7:13 (NLT).

In one short verse the Bible shows us how to interact with our neighbors; in it, Jesus shows us exactly how we should feel when encountered with the suffering of this world: “His heart overflowed with compassion.”

That is the picture of God that I hold in my heart, the picture that I cherish; and it’s the picture that I want to emulate.

I pray that God will replace my heart of stone with a heart like His, a heart overflowing with compassion for my fellow man. I pray that my interactions will be filled with words of kindness and healing. I pray that God will work through me to bring comfort to the hurting, that He will allow me to see the pain in others and to react from a place of love. I pray that when people encounter me they will leave with a better understanding of God, that they will hold a picture in their minds of a compassionate Creator Who reaches down to the suffering and brings them comfort, comfort from a heart overflowing with compassion.


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