Convert from Islam jailed for 10 years in Iran

Convert from Islam jailed for 10
years in Iran
A convert from Islam has been sentenced to
ten years in jail for distributing 12,000
pocket-sized Gospels in the Islamic Republic
of Iran.
Mohammad-Hadi Bordbar was convicted of
membership in an “anti-security organization”
and of having the intent to commit crimes
against Iranian national security; he was
sentenced to five years for each offence. His
lawyer is appealing both Bordbar’s conviction
and sentence on the grounds that the two
charges are essentially the same, thereby
punishing his client twice for one and the
same “crime”.
However, national security charges are often
pretexts used by Iranian authorities against
Muslim converts to Christianity; Bordbar was
convicted for his confession in court that he
had left Islam and that he considered
distributing the Gospel as his Christian duty.
Court documents referred to Bordbar’s
baptism and leadership of house church
gatherings, his translation and dubbing of
Christian films into Farsi and the discovery of
thousands of Gospels and other Christian
books and CDs in his home.
Bordbar was arrested in a raid on a house
church in Tehran in 2012 when 15 plain-
clothes security officers held 50 converts for
hours as they were subjected to intense
interrogation, according to BarnabasAid.
Bordbar was initially arrested in 2009 for
converting to Christianity; he was found guilty
of apostasy, but was freed on bail.
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