I need help! How can I be free from pornography?

As George was driving back from a tiring day at work, he was caught up on the usual traffic on the third Mainland bridge. It was on of those days people were still allowed to sell things on the way. A young man approached him to sell DVDs. Thinking it could be one of those newly
releases films, he wind down the car window, but what greeted him was not what he was expecting.
It was a DVD containing forty-eight pornographic films with graphic nudity splashed on its cover, enough to get any man interested. He shook his head indicating that he is not interested.
The man voiced out that it is only ten dollars! With a little rush of blood from the pictures he has just seen, he wind up and drove away. He has made up his mind not to be trapped again. He was once a victim of pornographic addiction.
In the last few years, pornographic materials have flooded everywhere in epidemic proportions. Today, you can get pornography from books, television, internet and magazines. All these are readily available for anybody who has eyes.
In many parts of the world, it is openly hawked on the streets in DVD collections, sold at very cheap prices and readily available for anybody.
It is one thing to be tempted with a particular sin that is not readily available; it is another thing to be tempted with what is before your eyes every day and that is readily available, in the news print, in broadcast media, in magazines, in bill-boards, in films and sometimes in cartoons.
However and no matter how commonly available it may seem; the truth of God’s Word cannot be compromised as it relates to pornography. It is simply sinful.
There are many people reading this devotional that are hooked to pornography. Born again Christians, children of God, choir members, deacons, pastors and even bishops!
I am not in any way condemning anybody because God has not condemned you! However, God will not also condone pornography! He wants your repentance and my assignment is to draw you back to God.
Pornography, no matter how you want to define it is sinful and that is why you feel dirty in your spirit afterwards. It is a weapon in the hands of the devil to weaken you as a child of God, to distract you from God’s call upon your life and to possibly cause you to jettison the reason for which you are created.
Pornography is designed to suck you more into oblivion. The more you see, the less you grab and the more you want. The more you see, the less satisfied you become. It is a ploy to drag you into the most perverse and basest of sexual acts, into the realms on bondage sex, where occultism and sex collaborate.
Pornography has ruined families, torn marriages apart and brought untold havoc on our children.
Before you download that porn, before you save it to your pass-worded phone, before you save it secretly to your tab of PC, think twice. Learn to say “No” and learn to put your body under!
Here are practical steps to break free from pornography

1. You will need God. Ask Jesus to help you. New Year resolutions will not help you. Getting religious about it will not help you either. You must come to a place in God where you are not deceiving yourself. You must be broken before God and let God know you need his help. You cannot combine a habitual sinful life with serving God. You cannot use service to God to compensate for habitual consistent sexual sins. Nay, they don’t go together.

2. Never miss your appointments with God on a daily basis. There is a lot of strength you can draw from the presence of God. Time with God ensures you exchange your weaknesses for His strength. Spend time with Him as you study His word and pray daily. The key is consistency. Don’t miss it. This is where you get strength from on a daily basis. Never leave your bed or room without getting into God’s word! That is what empowers you against temptations you will face during the day.

3. Find someone to talk to. Look for a trustworthy person who has probably gone through what you are trying to go through. Someone that will not treat you like an infidel but who is spiritually matured enough to embrace you and lovingly help you overcome the habit. There are people who have been made free from the clutches of pornography and are not abashed to talk about it.
4. Find someone to pray with you. Sometimes, this needs to be broken spiritually. A young man called me about three months back and said he is hooked to pornography. I told him to fast for three days and call me on the third day. He called on the third day and I prayed with him. He called me again last week, three months down the line; he is as free as a bird from the clutches of pornography. God’s power will destroy this yoke always.
To be continued tomorrow.


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